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Zubako Uramu
浦無うらない ズバ
Civilization(s) Light Light.png WaterWater.png
Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png
Nature Nature.png
Voice Actor 片岡富枝
Tomie Kataoka

Zubako was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory season of the Duel Masters anime.


She is a famous fortune teller from a TV show who is well-known for her accurate fortune telling. Mimi challenged her to a duel to see how accurate her fortune telling actually is, and while it was true that her fortune telling was accurate, her dueling skills could not match up so she lost to Mimi.

She later dueled against Bucchake, Yohdel and Katta and defeated him in a challenge where they needed to win a duel by summoning 20 creatures. Using combos involving Cerulean Dagger Dragon and Bolbalzak Ex, Katsuzo managed to defeat her.

She informed Katta that he was going to meet his rival once again at the Duel Carnival Tournament. During the crisis, she gave information on where Onsen would by after being defeated by Katsuzo.


She uses an Alien deck consisting of all 5 of the civilizations.

Card Representations