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ゾーン (Zōn)
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Zones are one of several places where a card can be placed during a game of Duel Masters to distinguish it from cards in different areas.

There are eight zones.

Battle Zone

The battle zone is the zone where creatures and cross gear are put in when they are summoned or generated, respectively.

In this zone, Creatures can attack, and Cross Gear can be crossed to creatures.


The deck is the zone where players draw cards from at the start of their turn and at the start of the game.


The graveyard is the zone where cards are put when a creature is destroyed, a spell's effects are finished, or a card is discarded from your hand.


The hand contains the cards that you can play (summon, cast, generate, or fortify a shield with) or put into your mana zone.

Mana Zone

The mana zone is the zone where you place cards in from your hand to play creatures, spells, cross gears, and castles.

Shield Zone

The shield zone is the zone that contains your shields, cards that, when broken by a creature's attack, are put into your hand.

Castles can also be placed into this zone by fortifying a shield.

Hyperspatial Zone

The hyperspatial zone is a zone that was introduced in DM-36 Psychic Shock.

Psychic creatures start in this zone, and can be put into the battle zone through the effect of a spell (such as Hyperspatial Shiny Hole) or a creature such as Geo Baribari Miranda).

Dragheart cards also start in this zone, and can be put into the battle zone with Draguner abilities.

When a psychic creature leaves the battle zone, it goes back into the Hyperspatial zone instead of anywhere else.

Super Gacharange Zone

The super gacharange zone is a zone that was introduced in DMRP-09 New Zone Was Born! Super GR and Orega Ora!!.

Gacharange creatures start in this zone, and can be put into the battle zone as a "Gacharange Summon" through the effect of a spell (such as Paralira Sailing), a creature such as Curry Potter) or an Orega Aura such as Mons Pierre, Yuuei.



From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 400. General
    • 400.1. A zone is an area where cards can be during a game. There are normally eight zones: deck, hand, battle zone, graveyard, mana zone, shield zone, hyperspatial zone and "super gacharange zone". Each player has their own zones except for the battle zone which is shared by each player.
    • 400.2. All zones are either public or private zones.
      • 400.2a Public zones are zones in which all players can see the cards’ faces, except for those cards that some rule or effect specifically allow to be face down. Battle zone, mana zone, graveyard and hyperspatial zone are public zones.
      • 400.2b Private zones are zones in which not all players can be expected to see the front of a card. The shield zone, deck, hand and super gacharange zone are private zones. The zone itself remains prvate even if all the cards in the zone are revealed
      • 400.2c If each player chooses a card from a private zone by effect, that card is chosen It is in a state of facing downward at the time point. But unless you clearly indicate which card you picked I can not.
      • 400.2d If there is no reference destination using the ability to refer to a card in a private zone, It isn't necessary to show and confirm private zones.

        Example: Using the capability of Kaiser Blade on top of "Honorable", when putting out 5 Hunters, Hanta There was nothing. Depending on the card type, there are zones that can not be entered.

      • 400.2e A card is put into a private zone undisclosed unless otherwise instructed.
    • 400.3. Cards with certain card types can’t enter certain zones.
    • 400.4. The order of cards in shield zone and in deck can’t be changed except when effects or rules allow it. Other cards in other zones can be arranged however their owners wish, although whether they’re tapped, and what other cards are attached to them must remain clear to all players.
    • 400.5. When a card moves from one zone to another, it has no memory of, or relation to, its previous zone.
      • 400.5a Cards that move from a public zone to a private zone may no longer be seen by all players.
      • 400.5b When a tapped card in a mana zone is put into the battle zone, it is put into the battle zone untapped.
    • 400.6. Some effects instruct a player to do something to a zone (such as “Shuffle your hand into your deck“). That action is performed on all cards in that zone. The zone itself isn't affected.
    • 400.7. When multiple cards move from one zone to other than the battle zone, they all move simultaneously.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 400. 総則
    • 400.1. ゾーンは、カードがゲーム中に存在できる場所です。通常、「山札」「手札」「バトルゾーン」「墓地」「マナゾーン」「シールドゾーン」「超次元ゾーン」「超GRゾーン」の8つのゾーンが存在します。バトルゾーンはプレイヤー間で共有しますが、それ以外のゾーンはプレイヤーごとに存在し、共有しません。
    • 400.2. 全てのゾーンは公開ゾーンと非公開ゾーンに分けられます.
      • 400.2a 公開ゾーンとは, 裏向きではないカードをすべてのプレイヤーが見ることができるゾーンです.バトルゾーン, マナゾーン, 墓地, 超次元ゾーンが公開ゾーンとなります.
      • 400.2b 非公開ゾーンとは、すべてのプレイヤーがカードの表を見ることができるわけではないゾーンのことです。シールド、と山札、と手札と超GRゾーンは非公開ゾーンです。そのゾーンにあるカードの表がすべて公開されていたとしても、ゾーン自体は非公開のままです。
      • 400.2c 効果によって各プレイヤーが非公開ゾーンからカードを選ぶ場合, そのカードは選ばれた時点では裏向きのままの状態です.しかし, どのカードを選んだかは明白に示されなければいけません.
      • 400.2e 非公開ゾーンにカードが加わる場合、特に指示がない場合は非公開の状態のままで加えます。
    • 400.3. カードタイプによって, 入ることのできないゾーンが存在します.
    • 400.4. シールドゾーンや山札にあるカードの順番は, 効果またはルールによらない限り, 並べ替えることはできません.それ以外の他のゾーンにあるカードは, そのプレイヤーが望む通りに並べ替えることができます.ただし, タップしているかどうか, それにつけられているカードが何かは全てのプレイヤーに明白なままでなければいけません.
    • 400.5. カードが, あるゾーンから他のゾーンに移動する時, 新たにそのゾーンに加わったものとして扱われ, 以前のゾーンの状態を継続しません.
      • 400.5a 公開ゾーンから非公開ゾーンに移ったカードはそれ以上見ることができません.
      • 400.5b マナゾーンでタップしていたカードをバトルゾーンに移動させる場合, それはアンタップ状態でバトルゾーンに出ます.
    • 400.6. プレイヤーにいずれかのゾーンに対して何かをさせる効果(「手札をあなたの山札に加えてシャッフルする」など)が存在します.その処理はそのゾーンにあるすべてのカードに機能しますが, ゾーンそのものは影響されません.