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Zeron Creature
零龍ゼーロンクリーチャー (Zēron Kurīchā)
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Zeron Creature is a Zeron creature card type.


It is a form of Double Sided Card that was introduced in DMRP-12 SuperSuperSuper Top! The Awakening Joghiragon vs. Zeeron Bang-Tan!.

It is exclusive to Zeron, and is themed after Ze-ro from the Duel Masters anime.

0 Zeron
Darkness Darkness.png / Zeron Creature
Master Dragon Z

■ World breaker (This creature breaks all your opponent's shields.)
■ When this creature is Zero Birthed, your opponent's creature have 0 power until the end of the turn.
■ This creature can't leave the battle zone while it has 0 power or less and wins all battles.
■ If this card is in a zone other than the battle zone, you lose the game.

In order for a Zeron Creature to be put into the battle zone, it must flip over from a Ceremony of Zeron that is linked with Zeron Nebula. For Zeron, this is done by starting the game with Zerom, Origin of Destruction as well as 4 Zeron Nebula; Ceremony of Graveyard, Ceremony of Hands, Ceremony of Destruction and Ceremony of Resurrection in the battle zone unlinked.

To link Zerom with 4 Zeron Nebula, you must satisfy their various condition (see: here). As the 4th card is linked, Zeron can be used.

It has unique characteristics compared to regular cards or creatures, as it uniquely has a Mana Cost of 0 (although it is still in the Darkness Civilization), as well as 0 Power Creatures (differently stylized than 0000 Power Creatures).

  • While it has 0 power, it has a Resistance ability preventing it from leaving the battle zone.
  • Individual Zeron cards cannot be removed.
  • Much like Gods, a Zeron creature can be unlinked. Doing so will result in the entire Zeron disgenerated, although there are currently no ways to unlink a Zeron.


There are no cards that support Zeron Creatures.


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