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[[Category:Double Breaker]]
[[Category:Double Breaker]]
[[Category:6000 Power Creatures]]
[[Category:6000 Power Creatures]]
[[Category:Shield Break]]

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This psychic creature has a Psychic Link with Shoot Fighter Pippi
When they awaken they flip into Gaial Violence Dragon, Zero Fighter.
Zero Kaiser
Civilization: FireFire
Card Type: Psychic Creature
Mana Cost:  6
Races: Red Command Dragon / Hunter
English Text: ​■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

■ Whenever one of your Fire Birds are destroyed, your opponent chooses one of his shields and returns it to his hand.

(At the start of your game, separate your psychic creatures from your deck and put them into your hyperspatial zone. If a psychic creature would be put into a zone other than the battle zone, return it to your hyperspatial zone.)

Japanese Text: ■ W・ブレイカー (このクリーチャーはシールドを2枚ブレイクする)

■ 自分のファイアー・バードが破壊された時、相手は自身のシールドをひとつ選び、手札に加える。


Power:  6000
Flavor Texts: こいつはカレーパンより激辛だぜ! ―Katta Kirifuda (DMX-06)
ガイアール一族のビクトリー伝説が今始まる! The Gaial victory legends begin here! (P10a/Y10)
Mana: 0
Sets & Rarity:
Other Card Information:
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