Zero Jr.

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Civilization(s) WaterWater.png DarknessDarkness.png
Family Ze-ro (Father)
Planetta (Mother)
Voice Actor 森田 成一
Masakazu Morita
Signature Card(s) Genmu Emperor, Infinite Dragon
Nationality Creature World

Zero Jr. is a character in the Duel Masters King series of the anime.


Zero Jr. resembles a shorter and younger version of his father Ze-ro. However, unlike him, his eyes are not blank, instead being of a turquoise, human coloration. His hair and cape is also deep blue instead of black.


Unlike his father who often overtly delights in brutally defeating opponents, Zero Jr. is a distinctively cold and aloof person.


Duel Masters King

Zero Jr. is the son of Ze-ro and Planetta and is known as the mysterious "black duelist." A few months ago from Abaku's tourney, he dropped into the real world from a meteorite.

He is first seen during Episode 18 as a black silhouette, defeating and terrifying numerous duelists in a similar fashion as Abaku Onifuda. When Connie toppled her stack of invitations, Abaku picked up Zero Jr.'s profile, taking an interest towards him.

He was a special guest invited by Prince Smile at the end of the world tourneys, and the rumored "Duelist with the Black Card." When he appeared on the tourney gates, everyone was terrified and even Prince Smile stops smiling for a while. The tourney concludes with the two finalists dueling. None of Joe's party recognize him as being related to Ze-ro despite he was defeated and killed in the previous creature world wars.

Unlike the rest of the duelists in the tournament, Zero Jr. has a cold and aloof disposition and considers Prince Smile as "annoying." When Joe asked him if he was there for fun, he rudely silences him and tells him to back off. Thanks to his cold mannerisms and his trump card, Genmu Emperor, Illusionary Dragon basically locking Prince Smile's deck, he managed to unnerve Prince Smile and send him into panic, despite the prince was fairly composed against every opponent before. Abaku Onifuda was impressed of his strength and wants to recruit him in an alleyway after he felt a vague feeling about meeting Joe before, although he rejects the offer and passes through him.

Zero Jr. reappears in episode 23, after Cap, Kira and Joe teamed up to find Bolts (who was disqualified from the tourney due to excessive emotional stress from losing to Chouki before and ran out of points for being defeated in the worldwide tourneys), Kira's Mother notified him about an incredibly strong dark presence nearby. Zero Jr. reveals himself in front of Joe (having been spying on him all the time) and knocks him out with a mysterious surge of power, before taking him to an abandoned warehouse to duel him. Joe does not recognize Zero Jr. and Deckie felt ominous about him, but none of the two recognized Zero Jr, despite the black Duelist recognizes him.

When Cap tracks Joe down based on to Smartphone locating the GPS on Joe's phone, Joe was already dueling Zero Jr., who announces in front of him that he was the son of Ze-ro, the master of darkness who was killed a year ago, and this was a revenge match for personal reasons. Joe was shocked by the revelation and the party arrives to the warehouse in time. Kira tells him to stop dueling and run. Joe refuses and insists on dueling him under the premise that he's Ze-ro's son. When Zero Jr. was about to summon Astrochuuno, Nayuta, Deckie suddenly falls ill, presumably due to the mushroom he ate a while ago.

The confrontation continues in the next episode, where Zero Jr. reveals his true motives. When Ze-ro was defeated and killed, Zero Jr. descended into the human world via a meteorite into a desert. Since then, he's been training to defeat Joe, before proceeding to summon Genmu Emperor, Infinite Dragon. After a turn of doing almost nothing, Zero Jr. orders the Inifnite Dragon to attack, breaking all of Joe's Shields. However, the last one was a Ganbare! Ganbungee, preventing his other creatures from attacking because of their low power and Astrochuuno, Nayuta's Come into Play ability being long overdue. As a result, on the next turn, Joe draws Monoking and defeats him with it.

Zero Jr proceeds to kick Deckie under Joe's request for him to cure his partner, forcing him to spit out the red mushroom he ate an episode before and saving him from being poisoned. While Joe thanks him for this, Zero Jr. tells him that he is not a part of the tourney and was just there so he may defeat Joe, then leaves afterwards.


He uses a Water and Darkness civilization deck based on Mafi Gang and Team Zero, as well as his King Master Card, the Infinite Master Dragon Genmu Emperor, Infinite Dragon.


  • He shares the same Voice Actor as his father.
  • In the first time he appears, his name was unknown and the credits does not display his name.
  • Zero Jr. can be sensed by Kira's Mother.

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