Super Spark
Zero Duel Masters, Episode 12
Zero DM 12
Japanese Name スーパー・スパーク
Air date July 8th, 2007
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Super Spark is the 12th episode in the Zero Duel Masters season of the Duel Masters anime.


The final five Duelists for the tournament are as follows: Hakuoh, Jura, Mimi Tasogare, George, and lastly, Shobu Kirifuda. "These five duelists have been gathered to determine the strongest duelist in all Japan," says the enigma who has taken off his mask. The man beneath the mask was none other than ... With everything revealed, everyone leaves the tournament site.

With everything said and done, Shobu and Hakouh duel each other once again! Shobu duels with everything he has, but Hakuoh has a trick up his sleeve: a single card that he has never used against anyone else up until this point: the immobilizing Super Spark!! What awe-inspiring power does it hold?!

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