Mana Costs
Zero Duel Masters, Episode 3
Zero DM 3
Japanese Name マナコスト
Air date May 6th, 2007
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Mana Costs is the 3rd episode in the Zero Duel Masters season of the Duel Masters anime.


After getting the hand of the nature of the competition, Shobu begins to get back all his Duel Orbs in Duel after Duel. But then, a mysterious young man and his monkey - a seemingly weird duo - appears before Shobu. There appears to be more to Seriph than meets the eye. At that moment, the enigmatic masked man announces his newly formed rule: Decks must be composed of cards with six or more Mana Costs. Thanks to this shocking twist of events, everyone strives to create the greatest Deck possible, except for Rekuta, who happens to have personally favorites that he loves using! With these newly formed Decks on the rise, just who's going to take it all?

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