Infinity VS. Samurai
Zero Duel Masters, Episode 8
Zero DM 8
Japanese Name 無限VS武者
Air date June 10th, 2007
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Angel VS. Dragon
Mimi VS. Hakuoh

Infinity VS. Samurai is the 8th episode in the Zero Duel Masters season of the Duel Masters anime.


Using his Dragon Deck, Shobu encounters the superb opponent, Wataru Sakata. Regretting his defeat, Wataru shouts from the bottom of his heart that "a Duel must be won at all costs" so loud that his voice disappears into the underground.

"A Duel must be won at all costs," were the same sentiments held by Hakuoh. Shobu still does not understand the meaning behind those words, but Mimi and George advise him to ignore them; they once again tell him that by believing in his own game he can make his own decisions and grasp his own victory.

Then, he faces his destined opponent, Jura!! The super-intense battle between Shobu's ace, Bolmeteus Musha Dragon and Jura's ace, Geometeus Infinite Dragon begins now!!

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