Five Souls
Zero Duel Masters, Episode 4
Zero DM 4
Japanese Name 五つの魂
Air date May 13th, 2007
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The Duel of Truth

Five Souls is the 4th episode in the Zero Duel Masters season of the Duel Masters anime.


Shobu lost to the strange young man named Jura. According to Jura, "a Duel is something to be won at all costs." Realizing that this is the same concept that Hakuoh believed in, Shobu goes off to find him. After getting it together, Shobu and Rekuta got back their 4 Duel Orbs, but then, the mysterious enigma announces another rule change. Everything up until this point has been reversed: "Use only cards that have Mana costs of 5 or less." Shobu and friends manage to fix their Decks to adjust to the new rule and search for new opponents. Meanwhile, Jura and June both loom over an unsuspecting Rekuta ...

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