Zero Duel Masters
ゼロ デュエル・マスターズ
Zero Duel Masters Logo
Air Date: April 9, 2007 —
September 28, 2007
Theme Song(s): 今! 始まる勇気 by Rey
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Zero Duel Masters is the third season of the Duel Masters Anime series.


It is featured in an alternate universe where Shobu had lost his duel against Hakuoh in their duel back in the Season 1 episode, Just Duel It.

A mysterious organisation is interested in fledgling duelist Shobu Kirifuda's ability to bring Duel Master creatures to life. With the support of his friends, Shobu duels with passion, discipline, and heart as he strives to be like his father and become the next Kaijudo master.

Episode Listing

Screenshot Episode Number Japanese Title English Title Japanese Air Date
Zero DM 1 Episode 1 デュエル スタート!
(De~yueru Sutāto!)
Duel Start! April 22, 2007
Zero DM 2 Episode 2 スラッシュ・デッキ
(Surasshu Dekki)
Slash Deck April 29, 2007
Zero DM 3 Episode 3 マナコスト
Mana Costs May 6, 2007
Zero DM 4 Episode 4 五つの魂
(Itsutsu no Tamashī)
Five Souls May 13, 2007
Zero DM 5 Episode 5 真のデュエル
(Shin no De~yueru)
The Duel of Truth May 20, 2007
Zero DM 6 Episode 6 切り札
Ace May 27, 2007
Zero DM 7 Episode 7 ドラゴンVSエンジェル
(Doragon VS Enjeru)
Angel VS. Dragon June 3, 2007
Zero DM 8 Episode 8 無限VS武者
(Mugen VS Musha)
Infinity VS. Samurai June 10, 2007
Zero DM 9 Episode 9 白凰VSミミ
(Hakuoh 凰 VS Mimi)
Mimi VS. Hakuoh June 17, 2007
Zero DM 10 Episode 10 地の底
(Ji no Soko)
Abyss June 24, 2007
Zero DM 11 Episode 11 最後の望み
(Saigo no Nozomi)
Last Hope July 1, 2007
Zero DM 12 Episode 12 スーパー・スパーク
(Sūpā Supāku)
Super Spark July 8, 2007
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