Zero Duel Masters, Episode 6
Zero DM 6
Japanese Name 切り札
Air date May 27th, 2007
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The Duel of Truth
Angel VS. Dragon

Ace is the 6th episode in the Zero Duel Masters season of the Duel Masters anime.


Shobu and co. meet with a Duelist who can invoke a Duel of Truth, Augre. Despite him summoning the best from of his Dragon Army deck and giving it his all, Shobu suffers a humiliating defeat. Dr. Root gives a depressed Shobu a wooden box. Within the wooden box contains a single Duel Masters card.

He remembers that the card is "Bolmeteus Musha Dragon" from his childhood, and that it contains a dreadful power. Also, the curtains once again open on the tournament afloat the island!! Just what is going to happen next?!


  • This episodes name of Ace (切り札) also translates to "Trump" or "Kirifuda".
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