Japanflag ゼニス
Phonetic: Zenisu
Released In: DMR-05 Episode 2: Golden Age
Civilization(s): Zero
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Category: Zenith

Zenith is a race of creature exclusive to Zero Civilization creatures.


Non-evolution creatures are named "「__」のいただき _________", meaning "_____, Zenith of "____".

Evolution Creatures are named "「__」の極 _______", meaning "____, Climax of "_____".


A Zenith is a creature that has transcended beyond the five civilizations. Zeniths are creatures born from the thoughts and "wishes" of existing creatures, especially from the Unknown's endless with to reign above all. These thoughts came to life thousands of years ago and the Zeniths were born, starting from Shangri-La, Climax of "Cruelty", who was born around the end of the Divine Evolution Saga and start of the Awakening Saga. The Zeniths wished to start a revolution and turn everything to Zero.


They have a generally rather high cost along with a powerful ability that is triggered when you summon it into the battle zone (other than Maximum the Max, Zenith of "Military"). This is boosted by Attack Chance of Zenith Symphony, Secret Zenith, where one can be summoned from hand directly upon casting.

All of them have more than a power of 12000 and Triple Breaker or more, with the exception of Back to the Ore, Zenith of "Ten Tail", who has 11000 power and Double Breaker.

All Zenith creatures feature the Eternal Omega ability which enables them to return to their owner's hand in case if they leave the Battle Zone, making them slightly more difficult to remove than regular creatures.

They are often featured with the Unknown race as they are the leaders of the Unknown.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Codeking Waldstein Your Zenith creatures cost 2 less to summon.
Dontaku Giant Your Zenith creatures cost 1 less to summon.
Golden Key, Messenger of "Zenith" Your Zenith creatures cost 3 less to summon.
King Acer Your Zenith creatures cost 1 less to summon.
Messa Danjiri Dragon Your Zenith creatures cost 1 less to summon.
Necrodragon Onbashi Raon Your Zenith creatures cost 2 less to summon.
World War Zenith For each of your creatures that has both Unknown and Zenith races in the battle zone, you may have this spell cost 2 less to cast. However, it can't cost less than 1.
■ Destroy all non-Unknown creatures.
Yosakoi, Leader of Spirits Your Zenith creatures cost 1 less to summon.
Zenith Symphony, Secret Zenith You may summon a creature that has both Zenith and Unknown races for no cost. At the end of the turn, return that creature to your hand.




  • They are based on The Eldrazi from Magic: The Gathering, which also had no color (The equivalent of Civilizations of Duel Masters), extremely high power, extremely high mana costs and also a potent effect when put into the battle zone by tapping mana. The Eldrazi are timeless alien gods from another place outside the main world of their universe, while the Zeniths are born from the thoughts of the creatures in the main world, thus making them technically native to the main DM world. Their reason for bringing destruction to the main world of their franchises are different, however.


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