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  • Saga, the Almighty Creator is featured on the left side of this creature, behind Zen. Both gods appear to stand on Saga's hands in the DM version, but not in the DMC.
  • "Zen" refers to all that is virtuous, while this card's God Link, "Aku", refers to all that is vice.
14 "Zen and Aku"
ゼン アク
Light Light Water Water Darkness Darkness Nature Nature / Creature
Blocker Blocker
■ Whenever this creature attacks, you may destroy one of your opponent's creatures.
■ Whenever a god is destroyed, you may return it to your hand instead.
■ At the end your turn, you may untap this creature.
■ Quattro breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)
Zen, Transcendent God