Z Kirifuda
切札きりふだ Zかつぜ
Duel Masters VSRF - Episode 39a
Civilization(s) FireFire
Affiliation Kirifuda Family
Family Katsuzo Kirifuda (Son)
Shori Kirifuda (Grandson)
Mai Kirifuda
(Granddaughter in law)
Katta Kirifuda
(Great Grandson)
Shobu Kirifuda
(Great Grandson)
Joe Kirifuda (Great Great Grandson)
Voice Actor 稲葉 実
Minoru Inaba

Z Kirifuda was first introduced in the Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final season of the Duel Masters Anime. He's the ancestor of Shobu, Katta and Joe Kirifuda and a legendary Duel Master of the past.


Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final

His spirit resides in the Ancestral Lands of the Kirifuda Family and was one of the few who have some prior knowledge of Dokindam X. Due to Dokindam X's rising by Basara's acts, he waited for the right time for his descendants to take this role to stop it.

In a duel he managed to block a direct attack from Katta using Bolshack Dogiragon and used Bolshack NEX to cost trample Cocco Lupia. However, the shields had the blank card which was presented to Katta which was entered by Team Hamukatsu and it became Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go!.

Z told Katta that this was the power of kirifuda family line. The bond with the creature spirits. At the end Z was defeated but was proud that the future generation still had their strong bonds with there creature spirits.


He uses a Fire Civilization deck. He uses the same cards and strategies as his descendents Shobu and Katta, based on Dragons and Fire Birds.

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