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ZENTOYO is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by ZENTOYO

Cards illustrated under the name of "ZENTOYO".

 ■ Algel, Spirit Knight
 ■ Aquaheat Dragoon
 ■ Bursting Arm Robo Return Ace
 ■ Concentric Battler, the Great Conductor
 ■ Devil Momo, Counterattack Puppet
 ■ Dimension Gate
 ■ Dream Link Farm
 ■ Firebird Missile
 ■ Fuuma Algors Vaison
 ■ Geo Mastercha, Unrivaled Dragon Spirit
 ■ God Signal
 ■ Great Cactus
 ■ Great Reversal of Reality and Death
 ■ Hundred Eyes, Secret Spirit Treasure
 ■ Meowpatta, Dragon's Steward
 ■ Mimizuke, Darkwind Sharpshooter
 ■ Omega Sweeper
 ■ Pop Rubin
 ■ Pulse Totem
 ■ Pursuiting Raizen
 ■ Reward of Punching and Slapping
 ■ Rinpao, King of Speed Eating
 ■ Rustle, Apostle of the Waltz
 ■ Shock Hurricane
 ■ Statue Mutant
 ■ Toby Gongon, the Guardian Spirit Fairy
 ■ Vajuta, Demon of Chaos
 ■ Waving Argors

Cards illustrated under the name of "Amagasaki".

 ■ Ahni, Assault Hero
 ■ Blade Worm, Decapitating Insect
 ■ Devil Smoke
 ■ Fuuma Albaram
 ■ Lazerion, Light Attack Soldier
 ■ Magic Shot - Plus One
 ■ Magic Shot - Stream Circle
 ■ Paper Para Benkei, JK Helmet
 ■ Sir De Ashis, Mystic Light Mecha King
 ■ Sir Leopol Deenay, the Ice Fang

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