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Yuuya is a character on the Duel Masters deck development team.


A primary school child who is the brother of Shuu and Kenji, and is twins with Lily. At first just like Kenji he was a beginner, but after then he starts to invent fierce combos. He has a straightforward personality and high adaptability to the Metagame and is usually unmovable by other members of the Deck developement team. Despite at an extremely young age, he is capable of creating many creative combos, with most being unrealistic and are limited to casual play, but sometimes he invents top-meta combos such as Melge Loop One-Shot.

He often likes to use Extra Win conditions and Deck out combos and has claimed that "It is a little bit disappointing to attack with creatures" (クリーチャーでアタックしてるのが少し残念だね) which has shocked many players as in Duel Masters usually a player attacks with creatures to win. As his combos often do not involve attacking, he is feared by Yaeko as she often relies on Shield Triggers to win.

He has now slightly dropped down a bit, possibly due to the restriction of Eureka Program which is the key to most of his combos.


Unfortunately, due to the effort involved in it this combo isn't used in competitive play and Zeek Cavalie's status as a Junk Rare continues.

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