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Yu Fua
不亞ふあ ゆう
Yu Fua.png
Civilization(s) LightLight.png WaterWater.png
DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png
Family Zakira (Brother)
Voice Actor Michelle Ruff (Season 3)
Chinami Nishimura
Signature Card(s) Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba, Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate, Hundred Eyes, Secret Spirit Treasure, Nero Gryphis, Mystic Light Emperor
(Manga Only)
Eternal Phoenix, Dragonflame Phoenix

Yu Fua (also known as Yumama in the English version) is a character who first appeared in the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters anime and manga.


A girl who is Zakira's sister. Extreme Bucketman has a crush on her. Despite seemingly cruel at first, unlike Zakira, she is actually not evil and is actually deceiving him and seeks to release the kids in his basement. In the manga, she also worked with Gyujirou, but it was actually a ruse which resulted in Gyujirou distrusting women.

She uses a very varied series of decks, but in the Game Boy Advanced game Duel Masters 2, she used a near-carbon copy of the metagame type Astral Reef rush.

Duel Masters Anime

Duel Masters Charge

She first appeared as a mysterious girl who can duel and read a book at the same time. She has the ability to stand on the ceiling and is commonly seen reading her teen heartthrob book, filled with 400 pages of pictures of "sassy" cute boys (while in the original Japanese dub, it's a book that's said to already predict and wrote the future including the outcome of her duels). Although towards the end of the Battle Arena tournament, she discovers that the pages are really blank.

She managed to defeat George, Yuki, and Kokujo right before they were supposed to duel making her win instantly. She was a childhood friend of Extreme Bucketman. While she appears to be the cause of all the disruption in the tournament, she is really being controlled by her malicious older brother, Zakira.

After she is released from Zakira's control, she becomes an ally of Shobu, along with Bucketman. She in truth did actually all of that because of saving some kids that were on her brother´s castle and to have her under her control, he gave her that book, so she would do everything he wanted her to do. She was later transformed into a duelist hunter because of an armor given to her by Peeskwhy Perfect, so that she forces others to awaken the cards that her brother desired.

She does not have a deck preference and changes very frequently within the season.


Her setting is similar to those in the anime, but this time she cooperated with Gyujirou who calls her "Darling", and Extreme Bucketman had a crush on her. She gave Gyujirou his Survivor deck and cooperated with him to get Bucketman's Bolmeteus Steel Dragon, but is actually using Gyujirou to her own plans. This resulted in Gyujirou distrusting women, causing the choice of his Duel Masters Land executives 10 years later to be completely consisted of men.

It is unknown if she and Yuu (U) in After Revolution who targets American duelists, are the same person.


Duel Masters Manga: Series 1

In the original manga series, she used a Light-Civilization deck.

Lu Gila, Silver Rift Guardian was stolen from Yuu, while the Mirror Force Dragon was originally stolen from Fua castle, and given to Shobu.

Duel Masters Charge

While she was under Zakira's control, she used a deck based on Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba.

She then used a Water and Darkness deck based on Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate.

Duel Masters Cross

During the Duel Masters Cross season her deck contained all 5 of the civilizations and is focused on Madness creatures who have the following effect:

If this card is discarded during your opponent's turn, you may put this card into the battle zone instead of the graveyard

as well as cards such as Hundred Eyes, Secret Spirit Treasure.

Later in the season she changes her deck to a Light, Water and Darkness deck based around the Knight race using Brunhilde, Ghost Knight and Nero Gryphis, Mystic Light Emperor as her trump cards.