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Yocky is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Yocky

Cards illustrated under the name of "Yocky".

 ■ Accident Eye
 ■ Blastball Dragoon
 ■ Bronze-Arm Tribe
 ■ Curse Guy, Suicidal Treasure
 ■ Deklowaz's Brooch
 ■ Drum Spirit
 ■ Emperor Neuron
 ■ Fuuma Valfork
 ■ Gardener, the Invoked
 ■ Gigaroaster
 ■ Gyasuka, the Malicious Madman
 ■ Inferno Scissors
 ■ Lioness Saucer
 ■ Mantis Sword, Brute Insect
 ■ Mind Capture
 ■ Miruth, Spirit Barrier Vizier
 ■ Nakatsumaki, Spirit of Godly Guns
 ■ Necrodragon Amadeus
 ■ Outherno Scissors
 ■ Phal Reeze, Apocalyptic Sage
 ■ Photon Clock
 ■ Pulse Mars, Electrostatic Guardian
 ■ Rieille, the Oracle
 ■ Slice Onion
 ■ Spirit Sateek, Spirit Knight
 ■ Synapse Cube
 ■ Torpedo Robo Missile Ocean
 ■ Trident Tower Lunatron
 ■ Triple Brain
 ■ Vess, the Oracle
 ■ Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void


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