Yamamoto Elegance Kumiko
山本やまもと エレガンスエレガンス 久美子くみこ
Yamamoto Elegance Kumiko
Civilization(s) NatureNature
Voice Actor 一杉佳澄
Hitosugi Kasumi
Signature Card(s) Binge-Eating Giant, Codename Hungry Elegance

Yamamoto Elegance Kumiko was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory V season of the Duel Masters Anime.


She is extremely manly-looking and resembles more like a muscular man than a girl. However, her voice is still feminine.

She tends to call her classmates like Katta "Gans".

She is also a very rich person and has grown up eating Foie Gras, but was fed up.


She is an extremely gluttonous person and can eat a massive cutlet pork rice portion quickly. Her trump card is Binge-Eating Giant and Codename Hungry Elegance.


She uses a Nature civilization deck based on the Giant race. However, she did use a few Fire and Light cards in the anime.


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