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Yaeko is a character on the Duel Masters deck development team.


A girl who appears to be younger than Etsu with yellow pigtails and a fang protruding from her right side of her mouth. She wears short sleeved yellow ancient Japanese male clothing and a purple red skirt and has a blue Arrow container with the Light Civilization logo across her chest. She also wears a pair of wooden sandals with socks, making her look like the she is from ancient Japan. She does not seem to wear anything under her clothes.

She prefers Shield Triggers, Blockers such as Angel Commands and Guardians, and Heaven's Gate.

Yaeko under

Yaeko does not wear anything under her clothes.


She first appeared in the "DASH Deck Development team" column and is often known as "The Destruction God of the DASH team" due to her frequent use of Shield Triggers in order to crush the opponent. She is also known for being the "Princess Character" and often ends her words with "Desu No". She has 4 secrets as opposed to Anne's 26 secrets. She often considers Yuuya's combos as questionable as she thinks that When one do not break shields, they can't activate shield triggers which is her favorite tactic. She likes Etsu and is rivals with Lily.

Heroes Cards

She is featured on the following Heroes Cards;


  • Her appearance is similar to Yaekiri, Greatbow from WIXOSS, another card game manufactured by Takara Tomy.

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