World Command
Japanflag.png ワールド・コマンド
Phonetic: Wārudo Komando
Released In: DM-39 Psychic Splash
Civilization(s): All civilizations.
Race Category: Command
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: World Command

World Command is a race of Command creature shared between all of the civilizations.


The race originally featured on only one psychic creature;

Later, it featured on New Diabolos, Counterattacking Ruler and Tenkikun.


It featured all 5 of the different civilizations (Light, Water, Darkness, Fire and Nature).

It was "reincarnated" as a Zero Civilization creature in Rave Diabolos, Holy Damned Festival.

Even later it gained a normal creature version as New Diabolos, Counterattacking Ruler.

Race Category

Other World Command races include;


World Commands don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures.

See also: Support for Command creatures



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