Wild Soul
Japanflag Wワイルド・ソウル (Wairudo Sōru)
Wild Soul
DM-36 Psychic Shock
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Wild Soul is a soul found primarily on creatures in the Nature Civilization.


Prior to DM-36, it was first seen on a promotional printing of Beetle Moguttan.

The Wild Soul is often paired with the Mana Reburst and Revenge Chance keywords.

In DM-37 Dark Emperor, it was paired with Kung Fu Soul, while gaining the Solemn Duty keyword.

No new keyword was paired with it in DM-38 Angelic Wars, instead it introduced Revenge Chance.

Creatures with Wild Soul had artworks based on Kabuki and the ancient civilizations of South America. Some of them have a Mystery Totem-like appearance and are decorated with body paint.


3 Beetle Moguttan
Nature / Creature
Vehicle Bee


■ Mana Reburst 4 (You may summon this creature from your mana zone by paying 4.)

Wild Soul Wild Soul

Cards with Wild Soul

 ■ Aqua Doppel
 ■ Baban Ban Ban, Earth's Blessing
 ■ Beetle Moguttan
 ■ Benijishi Spider
 ■ Boloron, Adventure Faerie
 ■ Boxing Totem
 ■ Capricorn, Earth's Reflection
 ■ Danjurou, the Awakened Battle Ogre
 ■ Deepsea Doppel
 ■ Fighting Musubi
 ■ Final Doppel
 ■ Gagamaru, Phantom Earth Beast
 ■ Galeras Shidoh, the Explosive
 ■ Gennai, the Disassembler
 ■ Goemonkey! Snake-Handed Boss
 ■ Gorgeous Giant
 ■ Japan, Temporal Enforcer
 ■ Japanica, Aggression Awakened
 ■ Jungle Kankuro, the Awakened Dramatic
 ■ Kankuro, Peerless Brute
 ■ Kankuro, Temporal Actor
 ■ Koshirou, Temporal Ogre
 ■ Kung Fu Pig
 ■ Liondance, the Invoked
 ■ Manly Pepper
 ■ Miezou, Dancing Lion Faerie
 ■ Mouri Giant
 ■ Mystery Hippo
 ■ Nazuna Guma, Earth Unstoppable
 ■ Omen Osborne, Spirit Knight
 ■ Ouga, the Natural Disaster
 ■ Pipe Sprout
 ■ Princess Cub SP
 ■ Pugnosuke Sakuramaru
 ■ Sanji, Lionic Faerie
 ■ Squirrel, Woodland Priest
 ■ Super Terradragon Jayanagi
 ■ Terradragon Renjin
 ■ Ultra Man
 ■ Volcano Fudou, the Twin Blast
 ■ Wandering Shroom
 ■ Whitemane Juukai, Earthen Dragonmech
 ■ Yokozuna Giant
 ■ Yuuko, Snow Cloth Faerie
 ■ Zan Ebizou, the Savage Gale


See also: Support for Soul
Support Card: Card Effect:
Galeras Shidoh, the Explosive ■ Each of your Kung Fu Soul Kung Fu Soul and Wild Soul Wild Soul creatures in the battle zone has "Double breaker".
Terradragon Renjin ■ Whenever this creature battles, it gets +2000 power for each of your other Wild Soul Wild Soul creatures in the battle zone.

Creatures that evolve from Wild Soul creatures

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Super Terradragon Jayanagi Evolution—Put on one of your Wild Soul Wild Soul creatures.
■ Each of your other Wild Soul Wild Soul creatures break an additional shield.
Ouga, the Natural Disaster Evolution—Put on one of your Kung Fu Soul Kung Fu Soul or Wild Soul Wild Soul creatures.
■ Whenever your other Kung Fu Soul Kung Fu Soul or Wild Soul Wild Soul creatures would leave the battle zone, put that creature into your mana zone instead.
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