• This card is based on Heaven's Gate, sharing part of its name, its cost, card type and Shield Trigger Shield Trigger ability.
    • Instead of the Light civilization, this card is in the Darkness Civilization. It also puts 2 non-light/evolution Angel Command creatures into play instead of 2 creatures with the Blocker Blocker keyword.
  • DMR-06 Episode 2: Victory Rush and DMX-11 Great Decisive Battle: Allstar 12 introduced a set of creatures named after Weddings. Other than Wedding, Zenith of "Celebration", each of these creatures are Darkness creatures with the Angel Command race, a race usually exclusive to the Light Civilization or multicolored cards featuring Light.
  • Despite the card requires the angel commands sent to be non-light and non-evolution, there are so far no non-light evolution Angel Commands.
  • This card's promotional (P35/Y11) version was released with the Good Luck Victory Pack: Volume 3 promo pack.

Wedding Gate
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