Water Nature Dueland
青緑デュエランド (Aomidori Dueland)
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Water Nature Dueland is a Alternate Win Turbo deck type.


While Dueland extra wins were never a large part of metagame, the appearance of new Shinobis in the form of Sarutobi Giant, Dolge and Saizoumist, Dolge made it viable enough to be a metagame threat.

The deck aims to ramp up to 8 mana while searching for It's Showtime and Dueland, Transformation of Dreams and controlling the opponent's offenses with ninja strikes and Cyberdice Vegas, Gambling Expert of D using spells such as Spiral Hurricane, Hero Secret Technique and Hyperspatial Gallows Hole. When the time strikes, the player casts It's Showtime and sends out Dueland, Transformation of Dreams for an extra win.

2 copies of Dueland and 2 copies It Showtime! are the maximum amount when it comes to anything that costs more than 7 mana. Any more will prevent the Extra win from activating easily. The player may pack only 1 Dueland and 1 Showtime if he wishes to increase the extra win rate to absolute, but the player needs extra finishers in case of either Dueland or Showtime in shields. Additionally, shield recovery such as No Data and Aqua Super Emeral can be used to recover lost Duelands or Showtimes from shields, but is not a guaranteed fix.

Also when casting It's Showtime, it is sometimes possible that the opponent has various lockdown finishers such as Wald Brachio, Absolute World King, 5000GT, Riot and Yadoc, Beast Army in his hand. Therefore, it is recommended to discard them with Pakurio, which makes the cards impossible to recover since the deck never breaks shields unless when an extra win fails to trigger.

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