Water Fire Nature
青赤緑 (Ao Aka Midori)
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Water, Fire and Nature is a multicolored combination of three civilizations, the Water Civilization, Fire Civilization and the Nature Civilization.


The Fire and Nature civilization are allied to each other while their common enemy is the Water civilization.

Water, Fire, and Nature decks tend to use Nature for mana acceleration, Water for card draw, and Fire for finisher creatures and destruction spells. This color combination is suited for beatdown, and many top beatdown decks are in these colors. This color combination is also suited for mana burn, using draw with cards like Reap and Sow. This color combination cannot easily recover cards from the graveyard; draw is their man way of replenishing the hand.

Cards such as Cosmo Cebu Lambda, the Super Electromagnetic and Intense Vacuuming Twist are ideal for decks using these 3 civilizations.

This combination is often known as "Ceta" which comes from the Magic: The Gathering cycle of cards for Blue/Red/Green cards from Apocalypse, such as Cetavolver.

While it is an enemy civilization combination, in Revolution it is the main civilization alignment of the major Invader creatures.

Notable sets for tri-color Water, Fire and Nature card include:

List of Water, Fire and Nature cards

Civilizations of the Creature World
LightLight WaterWater DarknessDarkness FireFire NatureNature
Zero Zero Jokers J
2 ColorAllied: DFFNLNLWWD
4 ColorLight Water Darkness Fire
5 ColorLight Water Darkness Fire Nature
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