This deck can no longer be used in the metagame due to Hall of Fame restrictions.

Water Fire Bad Brand
赤青ブランド (Aka Ao Burando)
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Water Fire Bad Brand is a One Shot Kill deck type.


While the Mono-Fire Beat Jockey deck type version works, it doesn't have a resistance against commonly used Mass Removal spells such as Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go! and Team Tech's Wave Go!. As a result, another more resistant deck involving one shooting with Master Bad Action Dynamite has became more common. Since it does not contain Beat Jockeys other than Bad Brand, it is not called Red Blue Jockey.

Due to Bad Brand's Speed Attacker giver and Master B.A.D., the deck uses multiple copies of weenies, unlike previous beatdown decks which try to limit the number of weenies in the decks, a kind of playing never implemented before in meta beatdown decks.

The deck works in the following ways:

With the March 2018 Hall of Fame update, both Magnum, Shortshot and Rafululu, Sound Faerie had been restricted, greatly crippling this deck's early lockdown strategy. More so, with the July 2018 Hall of Fame update, Platina Walsura S had also been restricted, taking away one of the deck's main draw sources and beatsticks.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strengths: Compared to the Mono-Fire Beat Jockey build, it can swarm creatures much more reliably and is less vulnerable to discards. The synergy of Shortshot and Rafululu also stops all defense methods, allowing a safe one shot. The existence of Onikamas also stops powerful Revolution Changes.
  • Weaknesses: Due to the reliance of weenies, it is very vulnerable to Mega Magma Dragon when the one shot cannot start. However it is not a serious problem since Water weenies can be evolved into Platina S to exceed the 5000 power firepower line while Fire weenies are kept in hand to trigger Master B.A.D., and it is rare the Mega Magma would pose a threat before the game ends. It also needs more combo parts and thus can get stuck drawing, but Oboro Kagerou, Moonlight Mecha may be used to draw the needed combo parts to hand on turn 2. Rafululu Shortshot cannot stop D2 Field expansion, so Shinobi Dolgezas using Memento and Deathmatch Beetle may also pose a threat, despite the ability to stop Ninja Strikes themseves, and Deathmatch is not an easy threat to remove due to its high power.
Outrage Bad Brand

An example of a Water Fire Bad Brand deck.

Template Build

Recommended cards: Amount: Reason:
Bad Brand 4 Core Finisher.
Nine, Zero Zero 4 Core weenie beatstick, Gravity Zero with Outrage.
Magnum, Shortshot 4 Stops creature triggers.
Rafululu, Sound Faerie 4 Stops spell triggers.
Onikamas, Strange Flow 4 Anti-For No Cost.
Dragon Pulse Technique - Fortress Destroyer 3 Deal with Deathmatch Beetle and Oriotis, Control Wings.
Submarine Fortress Lair 3 Early Draw. Beware as your opponent can draw too.
Hot Spring Crimson Meow 4 Water weenie.
Ragnarok, the Clock 4 Effective and Lethal Trigger.
Kerora, Up Cider 3 1 Drop Outrage.
Platina Walsura S 3 Early Pressure.
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