Civilization(s) NatureNature
Voice Actor 石田彰
Akira Ishida
Signature Card(s) Warashibabe, Super Mirage

Waramaki was first introduced in the Versus Revolution season of the Duel Masters Anime.

He was one of the few individuals that knows the conflict between the Invader and Revolutionary race in both the human and creature world, the other being Lucifer.


He was a tall man that covers himself with straws and wears high heeled shoes. Despite his strange appearance, he have a wide knowledge regarding dueling and about the two warring races. It was possible that due to this knowledge, he ended up in the underground city of Duel Masters Land. Not only that, he also have a wide knowledge about the secret society within the park and part of their plans of brainwashing duelists for their own goals and the Invader race. He can even earn Gyou's trust due to the facts he knows. He is also capable of defeating one of the top 3 duelists of the park Rambo.


Duel Masters Versus Revolution

He first appears in the underground city and earned Gyou's trust. Katta Kirifuda was about to question him until Gyou confronted him not to do anything rash.

During their search for Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution, he explains about the dragon's history and the damage he caused in both worlds during the war between the races. He also warned Katta about the dangers ahead during their search. When Katta duels against Hakase's strongest robot, Gachirobo, he witnessed Katta awakening the Revolutionary dragon's spirit and points out to Gachirobo that he cannot win due to Dogiragon's Revolution 2 ability. After Katta won against Gachirobo, he did not have time to prepared to be shot out of the underground city, which causes him to be left behind.

Some time after being left out, he caught sight of the advertisement of Takigawa Card Shop. Seeing Katta as part of the picture, he decides to escape and meet them. He duels Rambo and was almost in a verge of losing. In his final turn, he surprises Rambo by revealing that he have Invader race creatures and defeated him. He uses the cannon Rambo was guarding to escape and landed right at the waters surrounding the card shop.


In his duel against Rambo, he uses a Nature Civilization deck. He uses both the Invader and Revolutionary race.

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