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A WINNER Card is a special promotional card and an Alternate Artwork printing of cards.

They are given for winning specific Takara Tomy tournaments. A similar type of card is Winner Award, which are given for lesser tournaments.


Each of these cards has the following characteristics:

  • Slightly altered appearance of name, cost, and power.
  • Super Rare foil.
  • 『WINNER』 printed in the background of the card text.
  • Until the Episode 3 block and Year 12 of promotional cards, each WINNER card had a Dragon race aside from Supernova Ixion Burning Rave and Dark Jios, Lord of Dark Dragons, both of which support Dragons.

As the year changes and a different tournament season begins, the WINNER card changes. Therefore, once the season changes it can be difficult to acquire.

Since most players are incapable of winning official tournaments, the best way to obtain them for regular players is to purchase singles from the internet or from card stores.

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