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警戒 (Keikai)
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Vigilance is a slang term given to Light Civilization creatures that can untap themselves at the end of the turn.


4 Frei, Vizier of Air
Light Light.png / Creature

■ At the end of each of your turns, you may untap this creature.

By allowing a creature to untap, it can help prevent your creatures from being vulnerable while tapped and attacked by your opponent's creatures, or also allowing them to block if they have the ​Blocker Blocker keyword.

  • This ability is always a "may" ability, and is entirely optional. This helps to avoid Untapped Removal.
  • This ability has good synergy with Master Weapon - All Yes. It allows the crossed creature to attack, causing your opponent to discard a card,
  • The term is taken from the Magic: The Gathering keyword. In that game, it features on White cards (the equivalent of Light), where it is worded as (Attacking doesn't cause this creature to tap.). This difference is because Magic features a second main phase after the battle phase when creatures attack.

Cards that have Vigilance

Cards that give Vigilance to other creatures



Cross Gear

D2 Field