ビクトリー (Bikutorī)

Victory Rare

Released: DMR-01 First Contact
Civilization(s): LightLight WaterWater
DarknessDarkness FireFire NatureNature
Race: Varies
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Category for Victory.

Victory is a category of creatures featured between the Episode 1 and Dragon Saga blocks, and is featured in the DMR, DMD (DMD-18 and DMD-19 onwards) and DMX series of booster packs.


Cards that feature the Victory Rare card rarity are considered to be a Victory cards.

This card rarity features a stylized =V= (Victory Rare) in place of the mana value symbol on the unawakened Victory Creature's card face, otherwise, the symbol is placed under the awakened creature's race line. Like Super Rare cards, these creatures feature artwork that passes through the card frame.

One or two Victory Creatures are included in each of the main and peripheral sets, except for the DMD line and DMX-01 through DMX-03, which contain no Victory cards. Victory cards have a collector number that is listed before a set's super rare (S) cards and they begin with a V, for example (V1/V1 on the unawakened card face, and V1b/V1 on the awakened card face).

Each psychic creature with the Victory Rare card rarity is also part of a Psychic Super Creature. If both sides of a Victory card contain a mana cost, the unawakened side of a Victory Creature is the card face without the Psychic Cell indicator and with the lower cost. The awakened side of a Victory card is almost always the topmost psychic cell of a Psychic Super Creature, which contains the Psychic Super Creature's cost, name, race(s), and Victory symbol.

Each Victory creature is featured heavily throughout the Duel Masters Victory anime season and are used by protagonists and antagonists alike.

All Victory creatures in Episode 1 either have the Alien or Hunter race.

While initially only featuring on Psychic Creatures throughout Episode 1, recently in Episode 2, DMR-05 it is featuring regular creatures as well as Evolution Creatures with the Victory Rare rarity.

In Episode 2 it is also shown that the Victory Rare creatures will be appearing on the new Zero Civilization cards and more races like Human, Unknown and Zenith. However, all the Victory Rare cards in Episode 2 are either of the Fire or Zero Civilization.

Victory creatures in Episode 3 appeared on the God Nova, Oracle and Outrage MAX races. They also features other civilizations aside of Nature.

After the Episode 1 to Episode 3 block of sets ended, Victory creatures continued in the Dragon Saga block. In this new block they appeared with a new rarity type; Double Victory. This new card rarity Victory Rare Victory Rare symbol appears twice on the card (A small Victory Rare symbol is on the top of the card while a large Victory Rare is on the bottom of the card). The card number also uses VV1/VV1 instead of only V1/V1. So far this new rarity of cards has only featured on Dragheart Weapons / Dragheart Creatures.

The category is discontinued in Revolution, replaced by the much more easily accessible Legend Card.



Cards that support the Victory category

Support Card: Card Effect:
Kaiser Flame, Secret Flame Dragon ■ If you have a Victory Rare Victory Red Command Dragon in the battle zone, after casting this spell, you may put it on the top of your deck instead of putting it into your graveyard.
Laurier, Ogre Princess ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you don't have a shield, search your deck. You may take a Victory Rare Victory creature from your deck and show that creature to your opponent. If that creature can evolve from this creature, put it on top of this creature. Otherwise, add it to your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Onishura, Golden Twins ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone or when this creature leaves the battle zone, you and your opponent play Gachinko Judge. If you win, choose one of the following.
► Put a Victory Rare Victory creature or a creature that costs 10 or more from your hand into the battle zone.
► Search your deck. Take a Victory Rare Victory creature from your deck, show that creature to your opponent and add it to your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Psychen Pippi Saver: Victory Rare Victory
Super Winning Star, the Patroller ■ Your Victory Rare Victory creatures get "blocker", win all battles, and untap at the end of the turn.
Winning Star, the Patroller ■ Your Victory Rare Victory creatures win all battles.



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