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Very Rare
ベリーレア (Berīrea)
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Released: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
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Very Rare is the fourth highest rarity in the Duel Masters trading card game.


They are signified by having foil but the artwork does not protrude from its frame. around 2 to 4 appear every box, sometimes 5. Very Rarely, a box may have 2 duplicate Very Rares. In Revolution, the artwork protrudes out slightly from the card frame.

While they might be less flashy than Super Rares in terms of effect, there are still a lot of powerful cards. Many metagame-dominating cards such as Astral Reef, Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny, Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon, as well as extremely useful cards, such as Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental and Balga Raizou, the Super-Heavenly Nova are of this rarity.

However, Junk Rares of this rarity such as Gaulezal Dragon and Fuuma Andolorius exist and beginners should be wary.

Foil pattern change

  • In DM-01 to DM-07, they have the same foil as Catino Cards and Heroes Cards.
  • In DM-08 to DM-20, Their Civilization symbol has foil on them.
  • In DM-21 to DM-23, their civilization symbol does not have foil.
  • In DM-24 to DMR-01, the foil was replaced with a fireworks pattern, which is previously seen on Super Rares.
  • In Episode 1, the foil is replaced with horizontal stripes.
  • In Episode 2, the foil is replaced with tile patterns.
  • In Episode 3 to Dragon Saga, it is replaced with a completely different fireworks pattern.
  • In Revolution, the foil is a flurry of explosions with the mark saying "VR" in it. Part of the artwork also slightly protrudes out of the card frame.


  • It is noted that recent Very Rares tend to be weaker than previous very rares, possible in order to make way for Victory Rares.
  • They do not have foil in their printed cost or power.
  • Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental and Valkyrias Musashi, Ultimate Battle Dragon are the only very rares with a secret version.
  • They do not exist in Full foil packs as all of the cards are already in foil making the rarity redundant.