Vanilla beatdown
バニラビート (Banira Bīto)
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Vanilla beatdown is a beatdown deck type.


It focuses on Vanilla creatures which cards that have no abilities.

Due to Matsurida Wasshoi and Aqua Teacher reducing costs and drawing cards for vanilla creatures, Vanilla Beat is commonly a Water and Nature deck that can splash the other civilizations.

1 Aqua Teacher
Water / Creature
Liquid People + Hunter


Blocker Blocker (Whenever an opponent's creature attacks, you may tap this creature to stop the attack. Then the 2 creatures battle.)

■ This creature can't attack.

■ Whenever you summon a creature that has no abilities, you may draw a card.

1 Matsurida Wasshoi
Nature / Creature
Beast Folk + Hunter


■ Guardman (When one of your other creatures is attacked, you may tap this creature. If you do, the attacking creature will attack this creature instead.)

■ This creature can't attack.

■ Your creatures that have no abilities that cost 3 or more may each cost 2 less to summon. They can't cost less than 1.

With many of the vanilla creatures such as Burning Mane having alternate variants that have different races (such as Snow Shunfist, Savage Fairy) that can be used in the chance that your opponent is using The Grave of Angels and Demons, to Avoid Graveyard.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Matsurida Wasshoi Cost Reduction for Vanilla Creatures.
Aqua Teacher Draw for Vanilla Creatures.
Command of the Gang Leader Searching for Matsurida Wasshoi and Aqua Teacher.

Other Cards

Vanilla Support Card

Card Candidates: Reason:
Pure White Blueprint Vanilla Hand Addition.
Namename Nameko Increase shield break.
Delacroix, Heroine of Liberation Increase shield break.
The Mister, Aqua Admiral Madness, Vanilla Hand Addition.
Sandpit Man Cip, Vanilla reanimate.
Wendigo Apache, Izanai's Blank Cip, Vanilla recruit.
Parlock, Sacred Prayer Swarm with no hand loss.
Vanilla Zone Vanilla Mana Acceleration.

Other Support Card

Card Candidates: Reason:
Future Blueprint Hand Addition.
Treasure Map Mono-nature hand addition.
Dance of the Sproutlings Mana Acceleration combo with Blueprints.
Dondon Vacuuming Now Search and Bounce.
Hydro Commune Mass Removal.
Shock Hurricane Mass Removal.
Submarine Fortress Lair Extra draw with Cyber.
Streaming Shaper Mono blue draw.
Kankuro Blaster Shield Break.
Super Move! My Explosive Flame!! Hunter finisher card.
Diamond Sword Diamond State.
Galaxy Falcon, Counterattack Fortress Gives speed attacker to hunters.
Dalmandy, Snow Fortress Increase power.
Snake Attack Gives Double Breaker.
Mega Detonator Gives Double Breaker.
Immortal Blade Gives Slayer Breaker.

Non-Vanilla Creatures

Card Candidates: Reason:
IQ Cloypaedia, Dragment Symbol Liquid People finisher.
Misstina, Protection Lotus Faerie Increase break.
Aqua Jester Loupe Swarm and card draw.
Aqua Advisor Strike Back, cip draw
Fuuma Gorgonshack
Schreiber, Vizier of Strictness
Increase spells cost.
Sol Habaki, Apocalyptic Sage Mana Recovery.
Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal Locks spell triggers.
Southern Renaissance, Resonance Dragon Elemental Card draw.
Sniper Mosquito Cheap attacker, mana recovery.
Liondance, the Invoked Locks spell trigger
Dandy Eggplant Sandpit Man combo.
Shaman Totem Cip draw.
Jack, Bei B Mana Acceleration engine.

Evolution Candidates

Card Candidates: Reason:
Supernova Mercury Gigablizzard Negate spells.
Trigram, Zero-order Dragon Formula Liquid people evolution, Gravity Zero: Vanilla
Crystal Super Paladin Blocker/Psychic removal.
Maxwell Z, the Super-Electric Prevents casting.
Octopuscal, Great Captain Double breaker, unblockable.
Baron Spade, Invader Invasion: Liquid People
Fukisusabu Hanafubuki Evolution-Beast Folk, beatback prevention.
Don Grill, Flavor Chief Gravity Zero: Wild Veggies
Diamond Cascade Reuse Snow Faeries.
Bell the Elemental Mana Acceleration, double breaker.
Cattonfa, Beast Army Invasion, Mana Acceleration double breaker.
Gachanko Gachisky Invasion, card draw, double breaker.
Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe Invasion, mana feed, triple breaker.

Vanilla Creatures


Liquid People

Card Candidates: Reason:
Aqua Vehicle 2, 1000
Zolul, Aqua Combatant 2, 2000, Liquid People Sen
Aqua Blade, Blue Wolf 3, 3000, Samurai + Knight
Isorock, Aqua Captain 3, 3000, Liquid People Sen
Tansanman, Invader 3, 3000, Liquid People Sen, Invader


Card Candidates: Reason:
A Zarashi 2, 2000, Cyber Virus Kai
Cute Whisper 2, 2000, Cyber Virus
Lantern Cluster 2, 2000, Cyber Cluster
Parlock ~Final Voyage~ 2, 2000, Cyber Lord + Origin
Lady Parlock, Pirate Shaman 3, 3000, Oracle + Cyber Lord
Rambo Mambo 3, 3000, Cybler Cluster + Hunter
Assembler 3, 3000, Cyber Lord + Hunter
Parlock 4, 4000, Cyber Lord + Origin
Comeback My Parlock 4, 4000, Cyber Lord
《Parlock ~Confront the Conspiracy!~》 4, 4000, Cyber Lord + Origin


Card Candidates: Reason:
Cyclone Clear, Clothing Cleaner 2, 2000, Great Mecha King
Orbicular Helmet, the Spherical 3, 3000, Great Mecha King + Hunter
Va Jera, Dragment Symbol 5, 5000, Crystal Command Dragon



Card Candidates: Reason:
Burning Mane 2, 2000, Beast Folk
Chictac Kyun, Spirit Beast 2, 2000, Dreammate + Arc Seraphim
Antarios, Spirit Knight 2, 2000, Arc Seraphim
Snow Shunfist, Savage Fairy 2, 2000, Snow Faerie + Beast Folk + Origin
Scowling Tomato 2, 2000, Wild Veggies
Shenometh, Gambling Society 2, 2000, Wild Veggies + Alien
Slumber Shell 2, 2000, Colony Beetle
Yuuki, the Invoked 2, 2000, Wonder Trick
Nigawarai 2, 2000, Tristone
Bearkodash, Bears Style 2, 3000, Beast Folk Go
Stick, Snow Faerie 2, 3000, Snow Faerie Kaze + Revolutionary


Card Candidates: Reason:
Alpaca Hammer 3, 3000, Beast Folk + Hunter
Fear Fang 3, 3000, Beast Folk
Mask-do Cherry 3, 3000, Wild Veggies
Illusory Berry 3, 3000, Tree Folk
Nyanjiro, Treasure Cat 3, 3000, Dreammate
Dunas, Spirit Knight 3, 4000, Arc Seraphim
Rendan, Gentleman Faerie 3, 4000, Snow Faerie
Rabbicellon, Pure Eyes 3, 4000, Jurassic Dragon
Pottsun 3, 4000, Tristone
Ranivu, Pure Style 3, 4000, Beast Folk Go


Card Candidates: Reason:
Vanilla Giant 4, 5000, Giant
Ice, Glacier Faerie 4, 5000, Snow Faerie
Vanyuegujitto, Purekind 4, 5000, Jurassic Command Dragon


Card Candidates: Reason:
Tulk, the Oracle 1, 500, Light Bringer
Rhapsody, Guard of Hope 1, 500, Initiate + Hunter + Alien
Reusol, the Oracle 2, 2000, Light Bringer
Ballas, Vizier of Electrons 2, 2000, Initiate
Pure Trotter, the Thunder 2, 2000, Shine Monster + Knight
Jetta, Scar Guardian 2, 2000, Guardian + Hunter
Venileo, White Strike Wings 2, 2000, Justice Wing
Iere, Vizier of Bullets 3, 3000, Initiate
Reso Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian 3, 3000, Guardian
Lightning Grass 3, 3000, Starlight Tree
Rahars, Spirit Knight 3, 3000, Arc Seraphim
March 3, 3000, 2016 Calendar
Lazerion, Light Attack Soldier 3, 3500, Great Mecha King
Effia, White Knight Oracle 3, 3500, Light Bringer


Card Candidates: Reason:
Janeer, Parasite of Decay 2, 1000, Parasite Worm + Ghost
Writhing Bone Ghoul 2, 2000, Living Dead
Junkatz, Rabid Doll 2, 2000, Death Puppet
Darkness Yagijou 2, 2000, Dark Monster + Hunter
Darkness Leohl 2, 2000, Dark Monster
Bonedance, Invader 2, 2000, Funky Knightmare + Invader
February 2, 2000, 2016 Calendar
The Black Box 2, 2016, Pandoras Box
Ultra Man 3, 3000, Hedrian + Hunter + Alien + Samurai + Knight

Origin + Dynamo + Shinobi + Survivor

Vanilla Beans, Fuuma Priest 3, 3000, Oracle + Grand Devil



Card Candidates: Reason:
Immortal Baron, Vorg 2, 2000, Human
Dalmoa, Explosive Heat Blade 2, 2000, Human Baku
Picora's Wrench 2, 2000, Xenopars
Vinja, Fighter of the Whirlwind Feathernoid
Noppi Lupia 2, 2000, Fire Bird + Lupia
Onimane, Cosplayer 2, 2000, Machine Eater
Cobra, Snake Man Show 2, 2013, Outrage


Card Candidates: Reason:
Explosive Dude Joe 3, 3000, Human
Cragsaur 3, 3000, Rock Beast
Ryūnosuke, Squad Leader 3, 3000, Dragonoid + Samurai
Scratch, the Reckless 3, 3000, Dragonoid + Hunter
Punska 3, 3000, Tristone

Other costs

Card Candidates: Reason:
Magmadragon Melgars 4, 4000, Volcano Dragon
Melken Arrow, Fist Guy 4, 4000, Human + Hunter
Burger Amecchi 4, 4000, Mega Command Dragon + Fire Bird En + Revolutionary
Hot Finger, the Explosive 5, 5000, Flame Command
Raging Dragon Lord 7, 25000, Red Command Dragon + Hunter

Zero Zero

Recommended Cards: Reason:
Noumen 4, 6000, Tristone
Smith, Breaking Right 5, 11000, Outrage

Jokers J

Recommended Cards: Reason:
The Ramen 2, 1000, Jokers
The Somen 2, 1000, Jokers
Jishou Jisho 5, 4000, Jokers


As of DMRP-08, the text of "this [cardtype] is put into your mana zone tapped." was moved to the Mana Number, and isn't treated as effect text. This makes multicolored cards with no other effect text as having no abilities and receive support for cards that affect cards with no abilities.

Allied Civilization

Enemy Civilization

Details of Each Civilization

Aqua Teacher forms the basis of the Vanilla Beat deck type, providing necessary card draw. Aqua Jester Loupe and Submarine Fortress Lair are also responsible for keeping pressure.

With the advent of DMD-17 Beginning Dragon Deck: Crystal Memory Dragon, Mono-Water Liquid People made its appearance.

Trigram, Zero-order Dragon Formula allows an easy to summon creature by Gravity Zero, with IQ Cloypaedia, Dragment Symbol having a lower cost due to Sympathy based on your Liquid People in the battle zone. Crystal Super Paladin can be used to get around creatures with the blocker ability.

With Matsurida Wasshoi reducing the cost of your vanilla creatures by 2, and Pure White Blueprint providing mass Hand Addition, Vanilla beat can also be made Mono-Nature.

Cards such as Kankuro Blaster and Namename Nameko gives the civilization a strong finisher.

Nature also features a few vanilla creatures above the usual 1:1000 cost to power curve, 2-3000; Bearkodash, Bears Style and Stick, Snow Faerie, 3-4000; Ranivu, Pure Style and Rendan, Gentleman Faerie, as well as 4-5000; Ice, Glacier Faerie, Vanilla Giant and Vanyuegujitto, Purekind.

Fire provides Cobra, Snake Man Show, a creature above the standard 1:1000 cost to power curve with 2–2013, as well as Raging Dragon Lord, a 7 cost creature with 25000 power.

It also provides many finisher options and speed attacker with Super Move! My Explosive Flame!! and Galaxy Falcon, Counterattack Fortress to your hunter creatures.

Even if the core cards of Matsurida Wasshoi and/or Aqua Teacher are destroyed, they can be returned or reanimated.

Sandpit Man brings reanimation to 2 of your vanilla creatures.

The light civilization offers 2 different 1 cost creatures with 500 power, Tulk, the Oracle and Rhapsody, Guard of Hope. It also offers 2 creatures at 3 cost with 3500 power; Lazerion, Light Attack Soldier and Effia, White Knight Oracle.

By using Diamond Sword, Matsurida Wasshoi and Aqua Teacher are able to attack.

Defense and mass-tapping can be provided by Holy, Flash Guardian and Corteo, Spirit Knight.

Zero has 2 above-curve creatures with Noumen (4-6000) and Smith, Breaking Right (5-11000).

Vanilla support also arrived with Wendigo Apache, Izanai's Blank and Parlock, Sacred Prayer.

Deck Classification

Water + Nature
Both Matsurida Wasshoi and Aqua Teacher complement each other well, and can lead to early aggressive plays. As both are hunter creatures, it can be searched by Command of the Gang Leader.

However, other forms of card draw should still be provided in case these cards aren't drawn early.

It is mainly just Liquid People. Early plays of Zolul, Aqua Combatant and Aqua Teacher lead to card draw. These can be evolved into IQ Cloypaedia, Dragment Symbol, Trigram, Zero-order Dragon Formula or Supernova Mercury Gigablizzard.

They can also use Aqua Surfer and take advantage of Aqua Jester Loupe putting low cost creatures into the battle zone.

It usually uses Pure White Blueprint as a draw engine.

It has a few races it can focus on; Snow Faeries for Diamond Cascade, Wild Veggies for Don Grill, Flavor Chief, Baron Gouyama and Great Cactus or Beast Folk with Matsurida Wasshoi. A dreammate deck with Miss Mei, Forest of Sleeping is also possible.

Quicker rush variant is possible due to the cost 1 creatures, Tulk, the Oracle and Rhapsody, Guard of Hope.

It also allows protection from shield triggers with Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal and Super Spark.

Zero splash
Some Water or Nature decks add zero cards for additional beatdown.

Wendigo Apache can be used to search for the exact vanilla creature that you need.

It is a vanilla deck particularly using the Origin archetype of Cyber Lord creatures.

As there are a few forms of them, multiple options of which Parlock are possible. Parlock, Sacred Prayer can add multiple vanilla creatures to your hand while also making Parlock creatures unblockable.

If you want a fan deck based on the background story, Nyanjiro, Treasure Cat can be added.

It uses the 3 vanilla Samurai creatures; Aqua Blade, Blue Wolf, Ryūnosuke, Squad Leader and Ultra Man.

Having 5 of them in the battle allows you to summon Bolmeteus "Kensei" Dragon for no cost, as well as comboing well with Dragon Gear - Zangeki Mach Armor.

However, it must be a 3 civilization deck, so mana issues can occur when a vanilla focus is still necessary.

Vanilla Cyber Lords and Hedrians can be combined to use Hydrooze, the Mutant Emperor.

The lower cost Parlock creatures, Lady Parlock, Pirate Shaman and Parlock ~Final Voyage~ can be used, and Sandpit Man can provide reanimation.

Deck Weaknesses
As it relies heavily on Aqua Teacher and Matsurida Wasshoi, early removal can be painful, even with Submarine Fortress Lair as a backup.

In additional, they can be weak to removal such as Apocalypse Day and are particularly weak to cost based removal such as Hell's Hot Spring and Reckless Cut Scrapper. In particular, Mega Magma Dragon completely wipes out a usual battle zone of vanilla creatures.

Measures against Power Based Removal and Decrease Power can be taken however, with cards such as Dalmandy, Snow Fortress. Fuuma Gorgonshack and Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation can be used to prevent your opponents spells.

Other Details

  • It as commonly used fo the Zero Civilization King Finals regulation event, due to easily splashing the Noumen, Smith or Apache Wendigo into the deck type.
  • Most vanilla cards as well as the 2 core cards for this deck type are at a low rarity (mostly Common.) so it can often by a cheap decktype to create on a budget, for a new or returning player.
  • The deck type was featured on Volume 92 of Weekly DM Dash on the Duel Masters Official Homepage.

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