aka Enigmafiend

  • I live in Pakistan
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is Ramp God
  • I am Male

Examples of a guy who shit talks without realizing how hypocritical his points are:

"You aren't as smart as you think you are, do you know that there aren't even enough key cards on those starter decks and you need to add a few more than that? Like 2 Jumbo Rapadises on the Ou Kabuto one is definitely not enough. I believe 2 Brands aren't enough for Boltz's BAD either, and Crash Head, Gale Vesper/Grasper/Mustin does not meet the deck concepts and is just foolish.--"This is the end." "Ugh...Really?" 17:03, June 11, 2018 (UTC)" - Said the guy that called a Deneblog deck recipe dumb solely on the basis that i posted it!

I'm sorry but keep rogue decks somewhere else. Rogue decks are not a substitute for template decks because they are very situational.--"This is the end." - Said the guy that literally had a deck that followed a similar mechanisum just 2 pixels above

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