Might as well start with Music.

God Nova

(With the exception of the cards named after Izumo or Yomi family of creatures, this race is named after musical Bands.)

Card: Band:
Bloody Valentine, Holy Princess Left God
Blur, True Flashing Right God
Daft Punk, Lord of Demons Right God
Devo, Twin Demon Left God
Jesus Mary Chain, True Flashing Right God
Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God
Kraft Werk, Twin Heaven Right God
Libertines, Fuuma Left God
Massive Attack, Battle Attacking Right God
New Order, Demonic Eye Right God
Nirvana, Spirit Knight Right God
Oasis, Dragon Machine Left God
Pearljam, Faerie Left God
Square Pusher, Fantasy Left God
Strokes, Explosive Right God
Vitalic, Sword Flash Left God

God Nova OMG

(With the exception of the cards named after Izumo family of creatures, this race is named after Music festivals.)

Card: Music Festival:
Big Day Out, Holy Evil Demon Big Day Out
Block Party, Wicked Emperor Right God Basilica Block Party
Bumbershoot, Wicked Queen Left God Bumbershoot
Electraglide, Fallen Left God Electraglide
Glastonbury, Fuuma Right God Glastonbury Festival
Lollapalooza, Spirit Knight Left God Lollapalooza
Loud Park, True Flashing Right God Loud Park Festival
Love Parade, Light Weapon Left God Love Parade
Metamorphose, Demon Right God METAMORPHOSE
Rising Sun, Holy Evil Elemental Rising Sun
Summer Sonic, Light Weapon Left God Summer Sonic Festival
Wired, Spirit Knight Right God Wired

King Command Dragon

(This race is named after Piano Music composers. [Or other musical elements, and except Gaial])

Card: Composer:
Beethoven, Zenith of "Horror"
Chopin, Dragon King
Codeking Cantabile
Codeking Fortissimo
Codeking Khachaturian
Codeking Ludwig
Codeking Mozart
Codeking Number Nine
Codeking Waldstein
Codeking Wilhelm
Codeking Wolfgang
Gospel, Oracle King
Shura Beethoven, Zenith of "Hadou"
Trueking Viola Sonata
Trueking Vivaldi
Trueking Wagner
VAN Beat, Battlefield Pianist
VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura"

Mecha Del Sol

(While initially featuring feminine names, this race was named after female singers during Episode 2 and Episode 3.)

Card: Singer:
Bjork, Satori's Baula
Lisbeth Lavigne, Light Weapon
Noble Adele, Light Weapon
Pamyu Pamyun, Circus Believer
Patti Smith, Light Weapon
Perfect Lily, Purity Devotee
Perfect Madonna, Light Weapon
Spark Beyonce, Light Weapon
Truename Rihanna Glory

Other: Monroe Walk, Light Weapon

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