The Template:Doublecardtable is now dead.

After messing with the main Template:Cardtable, I merged them together. But it looks the same unless "name2" and the other "type2" "cost2" "spellcivilization" and "effect2/ocgeffect2" parameters are used.

Right now its not autoapplying Colorless (but thats only an issue on a total of 4 twinpacts). No other card page seems to have any other issue.

Lets hope I didn't miss anything.

Oh, and as a general design change for a few reasons, namely the following....

  • a) Consistency
  • b) Fixes the weird left bottom corner where the table "doesnt close". (Once you see it, you can't unsee it. Even yugioh wiki still has this problem.)
  • c) Makes the card image look better (aka bigger) on mobile devices. But then it makes the information of the card a better table too.
  • d) Doesn't make sideway cards look shrunken. (previously Fields, but not also Orega Aura)

...the cardtable now has the IMAGE between CARDNAME and the CARD INFORMATION. Instead of having the IMAGE on the left side.

With more sideway cards, and future twinpact cards, it just seemed better. Plus it fixes random bugs. It also made more sense to be consistent with the Twinpact table, even though its the same cardtable now.

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