I was just updating a couple of cardtable images.

I came across Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage. Its newest artwork is a funny Promotional card and is not really representing of the creature. Pork Beef is another card with a similar problem.

Tei-Yonshiki, Shinigami's and Team Tech's Wave Go!'s newest artowrks are examples of the opposite. These artworks are representative of the cards.

So my question is: Should we make a new rule on updating cardtable images to their promotional artowrks?

My suggestion: Do not update cards to their promotional artworks. Here are my reasons:

  • 1. It's easier to recognize the cards on cardtables when the "real" artwork is shown.
  • 2. Promotional printings are generally more rare than other printings.
  • 3. Our wiki doesn't have all the artworks in its database.
  • This does of course not apply to Promotional Only cards.

What are your thoughts?

Type8 (talk) 19:32, July 7, 2019 (UTC)

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