The problem

Hey, whats up?

I have recently finished updating the Support section of every race and every archetype with good help from the one and only: Yami Michael. BIG THANKS!!!

I'm now planning to continue my project with other types of pages that could use an update on their support section. Some pages don't have support sections at all.

I start to encounter problems when I start to edit the really BIG BOYS. For example, the Dragon, Command and Command Dragon pages. But they are nothing compared to the TITANIC BOYS. These pages include the Monocolored Civilizations (including Colorless).

These cards have so much support that trying to make these the way I have done previously, is just wasted effort. There are far to many nuances and specifics to the supporting effects of cards. I have a feeling no one is interested in sorting through a big unsorted mess of 500(?) cards in a support section.

Let's take a normal card like Heaven's Gate.
■ Put up to 2 non-evolution light creatures that have "blocker" from your hand into the battle zone.

It is disgusting and an absolute disservice to visitors of this page to put it on the same table as... let's say: Hyperspatial Shiny Hole
■ Choose one of the following.

► Put any number of psychic creatures that have total cost 5 or less from your hyperspatial zone into the battle zone.
► Put a Light psychic creature that costs 7 or less from your hyperspatial zone into the battle zone.

These cards needs seperate sections. Grouping these two cards together does absolutely not help a less experienced player when he or she is creating his own deck.

The Solution

What I propose as a solution to these BIG pages are seperate pages for the Support secction. I imagine these pages will have many different tables to differentiate between the characteristics of the cards being supported.

Again, let's use the Light Civilization.

On top of my head, I can think of a couple of tables need for this section. (These are, of course, debatable)

  • Cards that support Light [specific race or race category]s
  • Cards that support Light spells
  • Cards that support Light cross gears
  • Cards that support Light psychic creatures
  • Cards that support Light D2 Fields
  • Cards that support Light Evolution Creatures
  • Cards that support Light blockers
  • Cards supported by Light creatures
  • Cards supported by Light blockers
  • Anti-Light cards
  • Creatures that evolve from Light creatures

Thanks for reading my big posty. Please, post your thoughts below, wether you're experienced or new. All feedback is greatly appreciated, comrade.


I want to hear your thoughts on creating seperate pages for the support sections on certain big pages, like Dragon, Light Civilization etc.


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