Type8 Type8 16 December 2019

Duel Masters Play's is released 18. December 2019

DMP release alert!

There are two days left until DMP is released. The game features unique booster packs, with the first (and so far only) pack being released is DMPP-01.

Yami Michael has made a wiki, .

Takara Tomy has also released an amazing resource for us to use to edit the wiki: the Card Database

I would love to help edit the new wiki myself, but I'll wait for someone experienced to design the Cardtables first (probably very similar to normal DM cardtables).

Type8 (talk) 17:50, December 16, 2019 (UTC)

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Type8 Type8 7 July 2019

Updating images. What images should be displayed on cardtables?

I was just updating a couple of cardtable images.

I came across Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage. Its newest artwork is a funny Promotional card and is not really representing of the creature. Pork Beef is another card with a similar problem.

Tei-Yonshiki, Shinigami's and Team Tech's Wave Go!'s newest artowrks are examples of the opposite. These artworks are representative of the cards.

So my question is: Should we make a new rule on updating cardtable images to their promotional artowrks?

My suggestion: Do not update cards to their promotional artworks. Here are my reasons:

  • 1. It's easier to recognize the cards on cardtables when the "real" artwork is shown.
  • 2. Promotional printings are generally more rare than other printings.
  • 3. Our wiki doesn't …
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Type8 Type8 17 June 2019

Possible new project: Updating Image files

Hey boys!

So my last project (updating all support sections of all special card types, races, race categories, name categories etc.) was finished some time ago and I have taken a short break. I am now ready for a new project.

So here's the thing: I have noticed that the card scans we have on the wiki are subpar.
Their pixel sizes are ~394 x ~549. I have found higher resoultion scans for newer sets on Card Museum. What I wish to do is update ALL card images that have better scans available. I also want to set a new standard while I'm at it. The scans we have today are simply not as good as they could be.

But for that I need some help. Here's what I need to know:

0. Aye or nay?
1. What interweb pages can I find high quality scans on?
2. Are there …

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Type8 Type8 4 February 2019

The Support Project: I am in need of glorious advice, comrades

Hey, whats up?

I have recently finished updating the Support section of every race and every archetype with good help from the one and only: Yami Michael. BIG THANKS!!!

I'm now planning to continue my project with other types of pages that could use an update on their support section. Some pages don't have support sections at all.

I start to encounter problems when I start to edit the really BIG BOYS. For example, the Dragon, Command and Command Dragon pages. But they are nothing compared to the TITANIC BOYS. These pages include the Monocolored Civilizations (including Colorless).

These cards have so much support that trying to make these the way I have done previously, is just wasted effort. There are far to many nuances and specifics to the …

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Type8 Type8 7 December 2018

Supports and The Supported

Hello! I wish a could make a long, humorous blog post, but I lack the training, patience and wish to do so.

Let me get straight to the point.

The race pages on this wiki have a dedicated ==Support== section. This section includes creatures and Spells that gives Direct Support to the races. The page on Earth Dragons, for example, have different supporting cards than the Dragon page.

Now, I wish to also include a ==Supported== (for lack of a better name on the top of my noggin'). Not all cards support a race. A vast number of cards are also supported by races, civilizations, power and so on.

Let's use Chopin, Dragon King as an example. This guy is selfish. He doesn't support dragons, commands or even kings. In fact, he is supported by having other…

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