Are you interested in Scripting Duel Masters Victory?

I have the dialog down, it's just that I don't have a computer, so I can't sub them myself. Or maybe, we can put episode scripts on each individual episode pages? That way we don't have to worry about getting accounts suspended if we sub the episodes like mine did a long while back when I used to sub Charge.
* Scripts and more detailed story for the episodes? Of course. Not gonna host the episodes though, so they stay up longer. Its funny you bring that account suspension up, as I only recently saw that a BrandnewKid had been taken down on YT by Shogakukan. :P Cant remember how I ran into it, haha. Yami Michael 15:56, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

Zero DM and Zakira Family

Just want to know that there are errors on this page. First, this series does not continue the story of Duel Masters Charge. Zero Duel Masters is a story that has the characters from the original series but takes place in an alternate universe. It's considered an alternate sequel to the original Duel Masters with the founding idea being "What if Shobu lost to Hakuoh at the end of the original series?" Shobu and co. are invited to a mysterious tournament on an island held by the enigmatic Dr. March. Mind you this story ignores the events of Duel Masters Charge since it took place in an AU, so the end of the original continuity had Zakira likely ruling the world with the Fua Family Duelists like he planned.

The second error is that the episode titled "Mana" is actually "Mana Costs" but I believe I can fix it myself.

Outside of the dubbed 1/1.5 and random Cross Shock episodes, my anime knowledge is fairly limited.

I knew Zero Duel Masters was AFTER charge, but I wasnt sure how the story followed. Ill change that sentence a bit, if it wasnt already.

Theres actually a few things I was curious on about the "Fua" family, as translating them can be interesting when I dont know them, heh.

Would "Zakiras" actual name be like "Zakira Fua"? Is it "Yumama" or "Fua Ya"? Or "Ya Fua"? With their naming conventions of last names first, I was never quite sure what she was supposed to be. I cant remember what it is now, but I remember seeing other translations with something like "不亞 幽" becoming "Non quiet kia" >_< Just terrible.

--- Yumama is her dub name while Yu Fua is her original name. I can translate the Fua characters. I'm familiar with a few of them back when I watched all of Duel Masters Charge. There's supposed to be 26 of them, each with a name corresponding to a letter of the English alphabet. Zakira is the most powerful one.~ BnK

So there was an actual Dubbed episode of charge? I thought I saw it on youtube once, but thought it must be "Sacred Lands".

Duel Masters Charge actually was dubbed, except it was called Duel Masters 2.0 outside of Japan. The dub was similar to the previous dubs except there were voice changes(like Shobu's) and while there were SOME moments when the translation stuck to the original Japanese, they were pretty literal. Also, only up to episode 25 or so was dubbed. They stopped at the point where Hakouh lost his memory in the original JP version and covered that up by splicing up the episode and rushing it, then ending it off with a clipshow. ~BnK

The DM wiki also has "漫画では「不亞ザキラ」と呼ばれることが多いが、「ザキラ・ジョール」が本名である。" for Zakira, giving the name "Joel Zakira"? Is that for the AU, or just bad google?

No, this is absolutely correct. Another thing about the Fua Family duelists is that they come from different countries around the world. Zakira's full name is indeed "Zakira Joule" and he comes from the United Kingdom, IIRC. According to one of the Duel Masters SX side-stories, Zakira, Ash(the little guy you see a lot; he's also on some of the Hero cards), and Oasis went to the same university, and all three were seen as geniuses(well, Zakira and Ash moreso, but I'm not completely sure about Oasis). If you've seen Duel Masters Charge's final arc episodes, you'd notice that these three hang around a lot and are indeed some of the best in the Fua Family.~BnK

  • Are they an actual family? Or just a type of group with the same goals that Zakira leads? I have seen ash on the DMC-48 cards, although for a long while, I didnt have a clue who he was. Yami Michael 05:29, April 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • They aren't an actual family. Just a group. The only ones who're actually family is Zakira and Yu. ~BnK

Another thing to clear up at some point is probably Mikado and "Luna" (I think that's his sister) anyway, as their last name just reminds of death note. Heh.

Yep, their names are references to the Lunatic Emperor("the Enlgthened") cards. Mikado means "Emperor" while Luna means "Moon." The Lunatic Emperors are emperors that refer to the moon, which is why a lot of them have "moon" in their name.~BnK

Also, I've translated all the episodes for Zero Duel Masters and I've started on Flash. I'm going to finish up Flash first since it's a pretty unrelated series then I'll go for Duel Masters Zero, the sequel to Zero DM.

- Btw, I unlocked the Zero Duel Masters episode listing. I changed the description a bit, although I'm not fond on how I wrote the Hakuoh/Shobu duel and episode. Yami Michael 05:29, April 4, 2011 (UTC)

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