About Waileuk Wu

This human has a Psychic Link with Duel Master. When energized, he translates and writes and draws.
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Zero / creature


■ When you put this creature into the real world, choose a TCG. That player puts cards from the top of his collection into the dm wiki until 2 sets of dm have entered the data base this way.

Translator (Temporary) - This creature gains 1000 power for every card in his/her data base.

(At the start of your game, separate your [hobbies] from your [daily life] and put them into the your [spare time slot]. If a [daily chore] would take its [spare time slot], return it to the [future schedule] instead.)

I walked my own road under the blazing sun, but there will be these moments where I drop to my knees exhausted. Whenever I stumble, I always find my road shaded and I rest till I have strength within to continue. One noon I struck upon a rock and collapsed on my back. Once again, the cooling shades fell upon me. I opened my eyes, and there He was, standing over me, taking the full heat of the sun at its hottest...

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