About me

I joined this Wikia on December 3, Thursday, 2009.

My favourite type of deck is a Fire-Nature deck.

I dreamt to have a deck which contains:

Pyro Fighter Magnus X3

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Bolshack Dragon

Cocco Lupia X2

Uberdragon Bagula

Kyrstron, Lair Delver

Billion-degree Dragon

Tornado Flame X2

Magmadragon Jagalzor

Kooc Pollon X2

Mini Titan Gett X2

Bazagazeal Dragon

Armored Blaster Valdios

Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny

Natural Snare X4

Bronze-Arm Tribe X3

Barkwhip the Smasher X2

Fighter Dual Fang

Terradragon Regarion X2

Super Terradragon Bailas Gale

Mana Nexus X2

Trench Sacrab

Xeno Mantis

Ultra Mantis, Scourage of Life

Stratosphere Giant

Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity

Stratosphere Giant

Stratosphere Giant

My favorite pages

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