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Prologue Part 1


Dark, gray wasteland. There was nothing here but rocks.

Except for one creature.

This lonely creature was a large humanoid creature, sitting down, but if he were standing up he would be around 8 feet tall. He looked like some horrifying monster from the deep—large, dark red tentacle-like spikes sprouted from his back, while his hands were giant red paws. His skin all over his body was red and blue and green—all surprisingly inappropriate colors for an eldritch abomination, but the Eldrazi managed to be big and scray while being pink.

But in absolutely no way did he look like a dragon.

Sorge wondered why he was even here. Sure, the sun and the clouds, along with this desolate place, created an absolutely breathtaking background, but the truth was Sorge wasn't all that interested in such things. He frowned as much as his monster face could frown. He was frankly quite amazed that this was his world. Long ago, this planet had sprawling plains, vast oceans with many islands, titanic mountains, and lush forests. The elders even talked about the dirty swamps with nostalgia.

But all of that changed.

One day, strange, white, small, and cute creatures with long, string-like ears and red eyes appeared in this world. They appeared to vulnerable females and, in exchange for a wish, turned them into "magical girls" which fought off horrifying (even by your people's standards) creatures called "witches". But then, the awful truth came out to the world.

[At this point, the author must interrupt to prevent people watching or planning to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica from knowing about one big spoiler.]

Whatever that truth was, it caused more of these witches to appear. They overran the world and nearly destroyed civilization as Sorge knew it. At that time, he was an ambassador for one of several nations on this planet. He, along with many others, managed to unite the remnants of the world's countries, kill as many of the little bastards they could get their hands on, and wipe out nearly all of the witches.

Thank goodness that we still had much of our technology, or survival may have been hellishly difficult. Otherwise, we'd never been able to escape, he thought to himself.

Sorge proposed a plan to inhabit another world (not as if nobody else was thinking of that). Surprisingly enough, he found a nearby world which was perfectly inhabitable quite easily. Too easily. It had all of the resources and biological habitats needed to sustain your race, as well as itself. Unfortunately for him, Sorge found that the world, Pandora Space, was already inhabited. According to the scientists back home, Pandora Space could not support this newly discovered race as well as yours, and, while they were overall weaker, their numbers could easily overwhelm the Unknown remnants. Disturbingly, he found that he could communicate with them without having to learn their language. Perhaps the Unknowns' language and the Aliens' language were in fact the same...

It was then he had heard of yet another world, much larger than Pandora Space. He had not caught its name, but it was the key to the Unknowns' survivor. And hey, they could always give a name of their own...

The little incident that led Sorge to hear of this world occured while Sorge was traveling Pandora Space and gathering information. He was on the edge of a dark, dusky swamp when, suddenly, a large white and black hole ripped through space. Out of the gash, a creature emerged. It was predominantly purple, and it held a large sword. Instead of legs, it had two reptilian tails, and two gigantic cannons and drills were attached to its back.

It landed on the ground, faced Sorge, and said "Who might you be?" Sorge noted its deep, demonic voice. This wasn't an Alien. For one thing, it had eyes.

In his deep, gruff voice, Sorge responded "I'm asking the questions. Who are you? Where did you come from?"

"Hm. Call me... Diabolos Zeta. As for you?"


"Concise and to the point, I see. Just like your name."

"So, answer my other question. Where did you come from?"

"Another world. As for you?"

At this, Sorge's interest peaked, although his face didn't show it. Another inhabited world, which the Unknowns could possibly exploit...

"I'm not from around here. I came from another world as well."

"Interesting. You don't seem like you're from mine."

"Likewise. Do you think I could cross over from your world to mine?"

"I use dimensional portals to cross over from my world to this world. I think you can."

"Anyways. Can you describe yourself, or would you like to keep that private?"

"I would be a ruler in my world. Or at least, I will be."

"Evil overlord, I presume."

"I see you figured that out quickly. Currently, I'm dealing with a few pesky so-called 'heroes'. Even if everyone turned against me, I could win easily."

"Don't tempt fate. You'll end up dead. If you say something won't happen, it will happen."

"That shows up mainly in fiction." Sadly, Diabolos Zeta was not aware that he was fiction.

Sorge replied "It often happens in real life too. Anyways, what are you doing here?"

"I discovered this world a while ago. Apparently, the destruction of a certain powerful fortress in my world ripped open a portal in space, giving myself and several other creatures from my world the power of awakening."

"Power of awakening?"

"Awakening is a power where one transforms into a more powerful being for combat. I was the one who discovered it. Interestingly, the creatures of this world exhibit a different way to awaken. Instead of one creature turning into a stronger creature, multiple creatures combine into one more powerful creature. Anyways, I'll be going now." With this, the dimensional portal behind Diabolos Zeta closed, and departed north, presumably to continue to investigate Pandora Space.

Sorge never saw Diabolos Zeta again. He presumed that, yes, he had tempted fate and ended up dead. A while after that encounter, Sorge found a gaping hole in space in the same place where he had met Diabolos Zeta, and presumed this would lead to the other world. This was when he formulated his diabolical plan.

He would manipulate the Aliens into fighting whatever lived on the other side of that portal.

They would destroy or weaken each other.

The Unknown would then make sure that they had complete control of both worlds.

While reminiscing about his talk with Diabolos Zeta and his forming of the plan, Sorge remembered the plots of some fictional series in his world—they involved "saving both worlds" from some threat. He frowned. That would make him the villain, he guessed, which made this plan less likely to work.

I'll cross that bridge when I get there, he decided. He had already negotiated with the others about the plan anyways, and it was already set into motion at this time. The Aliens and Hunters were already fighting, and Alien Father died, angering the Aliens. Sorge was found by one of the Hunters investigating Pandora Space, and, if he remembered correctly, he was named Jin. Jin helped Sorge out, apparently because 'that's just the man he is.' At this, Sorge thought he was foolish. Honor has no place in battle.

Then, Sorge heard a high-pitched "BREEP BREEP" sound.

Well, it's not as if the Unknowns didn't think of the idea for a portable communication device.

Sorge grabbed the device, turned it on, and said "What?"

"This is Codename Sherlock, sir. I request that you return to base."

"Fine." At this, Sorge turned the device off and trudged away.

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