• During your opponent's turn, you can look at your opponent's hand.
  • Occasionally, the opponent will not put a card into their mana zone, even during the early turns of the game.
  • The mana system is overly simplistic. The mana zone is not represented by distinct cards, but by unlocked civilizations (unlocked by putting a card into your mana zone with that civilization) and by numbers. This leads to silly situations, e.g. playing 2 Writhing Bone Ghouls in one turn even if you've only put one darkness card into mana, or having two civilizations unlocked despite only have one mana (due to mana burning effects such as Mana Crisis).
    • This is eerily similar to how Kaijudo turned out.
  • You may summon creatures/cast spells, attack with your creatures, and put a card into mana in any order.
  • You may have only up to 5 creatures in the battle zone.
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