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Hi, this is madromanoff. No, that's not my actual name, it's just a front. I'm struggling to achieve something which shall not be mentioned here. But still I'm just another regular boy watching cartoons, playing games, reading books, etc (rather irregular, it seems.) That is all that you need to know for now.

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  • If you see 'Cannot be used right now.' flag at /duel on DMVault, one possible cause of it can be that you have logged in with your account on more than one browser and haven't logged out. Tested and verified.
    • Not sure about the converse of the above notice.
  • If you are playing on then it is best suggested to keep all movement in  the play room to a minimum. The site only records and displays all actions in a linear fashion, i.e., it will not play moves done by both players at once ever; but in a sequence. A lot of unnecessary moves can be a possible cause of lags.
    • On, players can now have more than 4 copies of any card in their decks. It turns out to be in response to a message I sent to the admin regarding so and so 'Rat Ability' around a month ago. So, better luck using mouses in your decks (and no cheating please >.>).
  • There is NO such thing as TCG format in this game. There is only one game of Duel Masters and that is the perfectly balanced game currently going on in Japan. Either that is DM or there is no DM.
  • Do NOT get your cards signed/written on! NEVER! No matter who it is. Please don't ruin the beauty.

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