aka Håkon

  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on February 27
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

To Do

-Take and add pictures of the Minifigures from both series to the toy page.

-See if there are any more advertisements for Puzzle Cards. -Exclusive non-English Puzzle Card advertisement? Or have I yet to see the English version?

-Add information about promos to the cards' trivia page. Find out how the Scream Slicer promo was released. Was it only through Troll & Toad?

-Find more info on the Official Duel Masters Magazine. Which countries had them (UK, France, Italy, Germany), how many they released, what each issue came with, etc.

-Misprints, miscuts and discoloured cards?

-Add information to specific magazines when they include promos or cards.

-Get information about the Beckett magazines.

-Check TCG cards (especially the promos) and see if they need new pictures.

   -Burger King promos
   -Smash Warrior Stagrandu promo

-Romanian Tazos? -Polish Star Foods collectible?

-Add information about tournaments? JDC, Pre-Release, 5 Civilizations, World Championship?

-Check out webarchive for more Duel Masters posts on

-Some (or at least one) of the French McDonald's promos have different artwork. Rothus, the Traveler is different. Acquire one of each in French.

Stuff I Need to Remember

-Sometimes it takes time for articles to update. if nothing wrong can be found with the editor, try waiting a while.

-See if templates need to be added when creating new pages.

-See if categories need to be added when creating new pages.

-Consider using a site like clippingmagic for pictures.

-Consider taking more than one picture, and then merge them. Might be easier than taking only one picture.

My favourite pages

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