This page shows a list of tournaments held by TAKARA TOMY.

Duel Road Tournament

The Duel Road Tournament is an official tournament that is taking place in the toy-shops in Japan nationwide. It has been done up to about four times per month per store. In total about 2000 times per month nationwide. Although the name is changed every year, there is no big difference.

Prizes are available to each participant, the current ones in 2011, and in other cases get a different winner. Such as venue and get things currently listed in the official website.

Since 2007, pre-built deck using anomalous regulation are also held. The top three winners will get the prizes for placings in addition to the prize for participation.

Cards related to Duel Road Tournament

Limit 10

Limit 10 is an official tournament that had been held since the release of Sengoku Saga. The objectives of this tournament is to buy 10 booster packs on the go, and build a deck of 40 cards from among the 50 cards to battle.

Bringing multiple copies of powerful cards is difficult, and removal spells are scarce as well as how efficient to attack often will make a difference.

As participation fee, the person will have to purchase fee package (about 1,500 yen).


There is another variant which is called "Limit 12" whereby participants have to buy a box of DMC-47 Heroes Cross Pack - Shobu or DMC-48 Heroes Cross Pack - Zakira which contains 12 packs and 40 cards in total. From there they will build a 40-card deck to battle. Since there is only 40 cards per box, special rules have been adopted such as the participants can use more than 4 copies of the same card in the deck.

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