This page contains a list of creatures from older sets that have been "converted" and transformed into another creature and gaining/switching races.

This includes Hunter, Alien, Unknown, and Angel/Demon Commands.


Regular Alien
Startdash Reviver, Crystalline Shadow Super Deis Reviver, Crystalline Shadow
Melnia, the Aqua Shadow Deis Melnia, the Aqua Shadow
Lucky Tulk, Oracle of Miracles Gaga Tulken, the Oracle
Bronze-Arm Tribe Geo Bronze-Arm Tribe
Aquan Cebu Aquman Jr.
Cocco Lupia Cocco Gil Lupia
Emperor Marco Emperor Cebu Marco X
Supernova Apollonus Dragerion Red ABYTHEN Kaiser
Supernova DEATH Dragerion Black WILLOW Kaiser
Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits Gaga Alcadeias, Lord of Enslaved Spirits
Petrova, Channeler of Suns Gaga Petrova, Light Spirit
Qurian Gaga Pikarian
Syrius, Firmament Elemental Gaga Sirius, the Temporal
Crystal Lancer Cebu Lancer, the Temporal
Rumbling Terahorn Geo Horn, the Lively
Bolshack Cross NEX Bolshack Gil Cross NEX
Kodamanma, All-Devouring Puppet Kodamanma, Gil Gil Puppet
Deadly Fighter Braid Claw Zabi Claw, Dark Warrior
Dark Hydra, Evil Planet Lord Zabi Hydra, Evil Planet Lord
Olzekia, General of Decapitation Zabi Olzekia, Demonic Sword General
Super Trash Train, Fuuma Devil Zabi Trash Train, Fuuma Devil
Bolmeteus Musha Dragon Zabimeteus Musha BLACK
Pyrofighter Magnus Marauder Deis Drive
Western Barrel, Shadow of Riots Zabi Barrel, Western Doll
Propeller Mutant Zabi Fly, the Pillager
Gajirabute, Vile Centurion Deis Gajira, Champion of Chaos
Magnum, Allshot Puppet Magnum, Fast Attack Puppet
Deadly Fighter Braid Claw Zabi Claw, Dark Warrior
Parlock Spell Cebu Parlock


Regular Hunter
Startdash Buster, Divine Hero Mech Super Dash Buster, Divine Hero Mech
Totto Pipicchi Go On Pippi
Fighter Dual Fang Quattro Fang, Super Gang Leader
Ral Absorber, Light Divine Dragon Ral Sleeper, Light Divine Dragon
Bronze-Arm Tribe Iron Arm Tribe
Bolshack Dragon Bolshack Superhero
Saint Bolshack, Spiritual Dragon /Ulpheus, Dragonic Spirit Bolshack Ulpheus, Holy Dragon
Aqua Sniper Aqua Naruto Surfer
Ballom, Master of Death Ballom Hunter, Lord of Demons
Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny Bolbalzak Ex
Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye Zero Romanov, Darkness GUY
Bloody Squito Drilling Earring
Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon Fighting Spirit! Sword Flash Dragon
Japanica, Aggression Awakened Japanica Giant
Ribbity Frog Jiro Ribbity
Hearty Cap'n Polligon Polligon Jones, Adventure Faerie
Princess Cub, the Free Wanderer Princess Cub, the Crusher
Hanzou, Menacing Phantom Ribbit NICE Hanzou
Pyrofighter Magnus Shooting Exedrive
Divine Machine Armor Valborg Wrath of God! Valborg Now
Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon Super Spell Great Blue, the Blue Tide
Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate Dragonfriend Kachua
Deathliger, Lion of Chaos Liger Blade, Fierce Tiger
Heavy Death Metal Heavy Death Metal, End of the Century
Saint Maria, Light Weapon Saint Ave Maria, Light Weapon
Shan Bell, Light Weapon Chandelier, Light Weapon
Merrianne, Vizier of Light Merrianne, Apostle of the Alps
Galaxy Blade - THE FINAL THE FINAL Kaiser

Hunter + Alien

Regular Hunter + Alien
Immortal Baron, Vorg Vorg, Brawler of Hell
Mini Titan Gett Gett, Infernal Friendship


Armored Dragon Codename/Truename
Balga Raiser, the Dragonic Meteor Codename Balga Ragon
Bazagazeal Dragon Codename Bazagaze Ragon
Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon Codename Shiden Ragon
Velyrika Dragon Codename Valkyrie Ragon
Command/Zenith Codefight/command/night/demon
Ballom Emperor, Lord of Demons Codedemon Ballom Mystery
HEIKE Double Cross, Spirit of Gaga Codenight Engage Ring Double Cross
Wedding, Zenith of "Celebration" Codecommand Death Marriage
Olzekia, General of Decapitation Codefight Zekia Ex Makina
Command Zenith
Devil Diabolos Zeta, Evil Awakened Zeta-File, Zenith of "Mystery"
Urth, Purifying Elemental Wedding, Zenith of "Celebration"
Daidalos, General of Fury Suspense, Zenith of "Curse"
Dragon/Liquid People/Beast Folk Truename
Bolshack NEX Truename Ragon NEX
Aqua Advisor Truename Academian
Codename Yabasgil Skill Truename Hadesgil Skill
Bronze-Arm Tribe Truename Platinum Arm Tribe

Light Civilization Demon Commands

Light Demon (New) Darkness Demon (Old)
Closed, Destroyer of Secret Room Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void
Codedemon Ballom Mystery Ballom Emperor, Lord of Demons
Codefight Agatha Hercule Fernando the 7th, Emperor of Mystic Light
Codefight Alibi Trick Diablost, the Shady General
Codefight Misdirection Gajirabute, Vile Centurion
Darkness Kabachi, Psycho Mettler Daidalos, General of Fury
Dying Message, Friction Heaven of Freezing Black Lucifer, Sorcerer of Darkness
Gimoro, Silent Killer Dark Titan Maginn
Metafiction, Ruler of Fiction Grateful Dead, Lord of Demons
Pakulpan, Phantom Thief Deathraios, Cursed Blade Reaper
Dulanzames, Jet-Black War Demon Psycho Horror, Feeling of Falsehood

Darkness Civilization Angel Commands

Darkness Angel (New) Light Angel (Old)
Candle Service, Heaven Descent to Goodness Rimuel, Cloudbreak Elemental
Chulal Reis, Black Tie of Heaven Descent Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom
Codenight Black of Lionel Truename White of Lionel
Codenight Bouquet Toss Milzam, Spirit of Miracles
Codenight Congratulation Syrius, Firmament Elemental
Codenight Engage Ring Double Cross HEIKE Double Cross, Spirit of Gaga
Codenight June Bride Ulpheus, Dragonic Spirit
Codenight Last Propose Truename Lalala Lionel
Codenight Oreore Darkness Codename Oreore Lionel
Codenight Rice Shower Siri, Glory Elemental
Codenight Star in the Love Codename Orewaleo
Death Arcadia, Devil Saint Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits
Kacha Magunsan, Chalice of Heaven Descent Kachamashigu, Spirit of Rays
Kariisabira, Magical Heaven of Toasting Nakatsumaki, Spirit of Godly Guns
Noshire, Fallen Angel of Betrothal Ultimus, Spirit of Divine Law
Tuxedo, Fallen Angel of the Beloved Crossheim, Spirit of Gold
Cut Cake, Evil Guidance of Heaven Descent Ularus, Punishment Elemental

Darkness Civilization Guardians

Darkness Guardian (New) Light Guardian (Old)
Doll Finn, Burial Guardian
Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian Buinbe, Airspace Guardian
Squid, Assassination Guardian Rinne Seuss, Sacred Weapon Guardian


Darkness (New) Light (Old)
Blue Marriage Happiness Bell
Wedding Gate Heaven's Gate
Upgrade (New) Original (Old)
Energy Zero Energy Stream
Faerie Crystal Faerie Life
Pixie Life Faerie Life


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