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プレイ (Purei)
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Use is a keyword action.


It is the act of paying the cost of a card, and then following the card's instructions.

It was first referenced on Cyber I Choice.

3000 Cyber I Choice
WaterWater.png/ Creature
Cyber Command

Shield Trigger Shield Trigger

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may use a card that has "shield trigger" from your hand for no cost.

The following game actions count as using a card, and vice versa. Thus, using creatures would mean summoning them, and thus bypasses effects such as Onikamas, Strange Flow and Senno, Brainwash.

(There is no term for putting an Impulse into the battle zone.)

The steps to play the game actions are as follows;

  • 1) Reveal the card you want to play.
  • 2) Choose any modes for the cards. (if applicable)
  • 3) If you have additional or alternative costs, declare what you paying.
  • 4) If there is a cost increase or decreases, apply them.
  • 5) Declare any targets (Such as creature you are evolving on, spell target, or castle you are fortifying)
  • 6) Pay the total cost.

The cards are then resolved based on their card type.

  • A creature, cross gear, field or impulse is put into the battle zone.
  • A spell is put into your graveyard.
  • A fortress is attached to one of your shields.

See Resolution for how this is handled.

Cross Gear already in the battle zone are not considered to be a "use". They may cross to one of your creatures without triggering the ability of Completely Unidentified.

It was first shown on Cyber I Choice, initially confusing players before it was added as a keyword action in the Duel Masters General Game Rules document on the Duel Masters Official Homepage.

11 Completely Unidentified
WaterWater.png/ Creature

■ Triple breaker

■ During your opponent's turn, whenever your opponent puts a card in their mana zone or whenever they use a card, skip the rest of their turn.

■ Whenever your opponent's creatures attack, after the attack, skip the rest of their turn.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.20 (July 17, 2020)

  • 701.5. Use
    • 701.5a Depending on the card type, to use a card means one of the following: summon a creature, cast a spell, generate a cross gear, fortify the shield at the castle, or expand a field.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.20 (July 17, 2020)

  • 701.5. 使う
    • 701.5a カードを使うとは, クリーチャーを召喚するか, 呪文を唱えるか, クロスギアをジェネレートするか, 城でシールドを要塞化するか, またはフィールドを展開するこのいずれかのことです.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.20 (July 17, 2020)

  • 601. Using a Card
    • 601.1. Depending on the card type, to use a card is to summon a creature, to cast a spell, to cross a gross gear, to fortify a castle, or to expand a field. Using a card affects the game.
      • 601.1a A player declares to use a card, including changing conditions. The card leaves the zone it is currently in (usually the player's hand) and is moved to the anywhere zone. If a player is prohibited from using a card, that player cannot declare to use that card. Also, pay for alternative costs even if you do not declare it.
      • 601.1b If a player uses a card from their mana zone, the card is moved to the anywhere zone after the payment of its mana cost is completed.
      • 601.1c When paying the cost of a card, the civilizations of that card are paid first.
      • 601.1d The player determines the total cost of the card. Some effects may increase or reduce the cost to pay.
      • 601.1e The player pays the total cost.
      • 601.1f After the mana cost of a card is paid, that card is used immediately. If the card is modal, the player announces the mode choice. Trigger abilities that trigger due using the card trigger.
      • 601.1g The player specifies what to pick when the card instructs to choose something. If the ability is instructed to select more than one at the same time, you can not choose the same thing more than once. If the ability is instructed to choose "by every", or the same ability exerts multiple effects, a player can select the same thing more than once if you do.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.20 (July 17, 2020)

  • 601. カードの使用
    • 601.1. カードを使うとは、クリーチャーを召喚する、呪文を唱える、クロスギアをジェネレートする、城でシールドを要塞化する、フィールドを展開することで、そのカードをゲームに影響を及ぼすようにすることです。
      • 601.1a プレイヤーは、使用する条件の変更も含め、カードを使うことを宣言します。この時点でカードは元々あるゾーンを離れ、どこでもないゾーンに移ります(通常は手札から)。カードを使う事を禁止されている場合、宣言そのものができません。また、代替コストを支払えない場合も、宣言する事はできません。
      • 601.1b マナゾーンにあるカードを使う場合は、マナコストの支払いが完了してから、どこでもないゾーンに移ります。
      • 601.1c コストを支払う場合は、まず文明を支払います。
      • 601.1d プレイヤーはマナコストを増減させる効果を適用し、そのカードのマナコストを決定します。
      • 601.1e プレイヤーはマナコストを支払います。カードを使うことに際して行うべき処理があればその処理を実行します。
      • 601.1f マナコストを支払ったら、そのカードは即座に使われます。カードが複数の選択肢を持つ場合、プレイヤーは使用する選択肢を宣言します。特定の種類のカードを使用したことによる誘発型能力は、この時点で誘発して待機します。
      • 601.1g プレイヤーはカードが何かを選ぶように指示してあるときに、何を選ぶかを指定します。能力が同時に複数のものを選ぶように指示がある場合、同じものを複数回選ぶことはできません。能力が「~ごとに」選ぶように指示がある場合、もしくは同じ能力が複数回効果を発揮する場合は同じものを複数回選ぶことができます。