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Upgrades refers to cards that are usually strictly-better versions of previously released cards.


For example, Rikabu, the Dismantler and Rinpao, King of Speed Eating. Both cards feature the same power, cost, and speed attacker ability but Rinpao also features the Dynamo race. The Dynamo race and attached keyword feature support cards, whereas Machine Eaters have none.

While similar in terms, this is not the same as Upward Species. Although they feature higher the same abilities and higher power, those cards also feature a higher cost so are not always considered to be a better card overall.

Upgrade creatures can also be used to feature different evolution creature lines.

While they are different card types (Creature and Spell respectively), Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet can be seen as an upward compatible version of Scheming Hands in almost all ways, due to its creature body.

This is the antonym of Downgrades; cards which are the weaker versions of Upgrade cards.