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Under this field
フィールドの下 (Fīrudo no Shita)
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Under this field is a term for cards that are put under a field.


It was first introduced with 卍 Grand Zero 卍.

2 卍 Grand Zero 卍
WaterWater.png / Moonless Night Field

■ Whenever you cast a Magic Tool spell, after you cast, you may put that card under this field instead of your graveyard and draw a card.

■ Ignore any effects that prevent you from casting Magic Tool or Dolszak spells.

■ Gate of Moonless Night 99: At the end of your turn, if there are 4 or more cards under this field, once per game, you may cast a water spell that costs 99 or less from your hand or graveyard for no cost.

If the field is removed from the battle zone due to Card Based Removal, the cards under it are put into your graveyard as a State-Based Action.

Cards with "Under the Field"